Come to Rocky Point

Let the Sea of Cortez witness the happiest day of your life!

Saying “I do” to one’s beloved while seaside under an endless sky is a dream that more and more couples are seeing come true in Puerto Peñasco. Our coastal destination is a natural background to ensure dreams become reality, offering the beauty of our beaches, the best weather, and quality service.

Beachside weddings, through special planning and surrounded by friends and loved ones and the sea as witness, are a growing trend for Mexican couples and many from the U.S. and beyond who choose Puerto Peñasco as the perfect spot to seal their love.

The romantic atmosphere framed by a seaside sunset is idyllic for engagements, bachelorette parties, weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons, and intimate dinners.

This spectacular destination offers a variety of services specializing in helping to make each celebration unique and incomparable. We encourage you to work with the event planner of your choice as they are experts who will guide you through the entire process and make sure everything goes smoothly.

If your dream is a luxury wedding accompanied by ocean waves, Puerto Peñasco can surely offer something for you! From private beach side homes to restaurants or even spectacular terraces at elegant resorts, you can find decorations, banquets, live music, pastries, and boundless event details in this beautiful port.A beach side wedding will make for unique unforgettable memories, and will be extra attractive for all your guests who surely won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share in your celebration in this wonderful spot, bringing you closer and connecting you with Mexican warmth in front of the Sea of Cortez.