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Whale Watching in Rocky Point!

By M.A. Velazquez

Looking for an excuse to visit beautiful Rocky Point? How about to catch sight of majestic whales in the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez?! That is correct; Humpback Whales and Grey Whales take up temporary residence in the Sea of Cortez to bear their young in the winter. From January to March the sea beacons the large mammals because of the warm waters, creating the perfect environment for the whales to give birth.Whale Watching 5

Their journey is quite amazing. It has been estimated that Eastern North Pacific Grey Whales travel 20,000 km round trip from their feeding grounds off Alaska and the Beaufort Sea to the Sea of Cortez. That’s 12,400 miles just to come to our waters! Humpback Whales typically travel 25,000 km each year feeding only in the summer in polar waters and migrating to warm waters to give birth in the winter.
Whale Watching 3

These whales travel quite a distance to arrive in the waters off the Rocky Point shores. Fortunately for visitors from Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, Calexico, El Centro and all the California´s Imperial Valley Area, it is not quite so lengthy of a journey! Approximately 3.5 hours drive to Rocky Point.

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora a.k.a. Rocky Point is easily accessible to tourists from Arizona and California; especially in this season where great deals are to be found at area hotels and condominium resorts. With average winter temperatures of 70 degrees in January, 72°F in February and 77!F in March, this is a fantastic time to visit and see these unique spectacular nature show!Whale Watching 2

While some have managed to see whales breach right from their balcony as well as from the beach, a better option is to book a whale-watching excursion. Companies offering these excursions know where to go to increase your chance of whale sightings. Most excursions also offer snacks and drinks on board. Sounds like an afternoon on a boat in 70 degree weather with a cocktail is the perfect weekend or weekday Winter getaway!

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