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Islas del Mar is recertified as sustainable clean beach in Mexico

The recertification audit of Islas del Mar, which is currently the largest sustainable clean beach in Mexico, concludes successfully.

The exhaustive audit work carried out by the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification on this coast showed that this coast meets all the requirements for the renewal of its certification and only awaits the opinion of the national jury.

The Islas del Mar beach has an extension of 2,302 linear meters that were rigorously audited in terms of water quality, biodiversity program, federal zone concession, security, sediment profile, solid waste review, among other important points.

In addition to this certified beach, Puerto Peñasco has 4 more awards for Clean Sustainable Beaches, Platinum Beach and Blue Flag in the areas of Sandy Beach and El Mirador.

We would like to thank all the participating institutions, companies, and participating civilians, and above all, the caring for beaches that has made us the only place in Sonora with certified beaches, including the one with the largest territorial extension for recreational use in the country.