Come to Rocky Point

Imagine spotting majestic whales from just a short distance away! This is a privilege you can enjoy along Rocky Point’s coasts!

Witnessing the surfacing and acrobatics of these giants of the sea is an exciting energetic experience! This gift from nature and the Sea of Cortez can be shared by all who have the opportunity to visit Rocky Point during winter, which is precisely when whales visit our warmer coasts.

These magnificent marine species, the largest on the planet, make their way to our shores in search of warm waters to bear their calves, mate, and to feed on the abundance provided by the Gulf of California.

Whale sightings are such a unique and unforgettable experience, that each year tourists make a special trip to Rocky Point just for the chance to come across one of these magnificent species. The whales in turn seem to show off at times with their dives and breaching.

Thanks to this wonder of nature, spotted over consecutive years in Rocky Point, we are the only spot in Sonora authorized by the federal SEMARNAT (Ministry of the Environment and Natural resources) for whale watching activities.  This has made it mandatory for all tourist boats to undergo training and certification to ensure the protection and care of the whales. Or rather, in addition to being an amazing natural spectacle, this is a conscientious, controlled, and regulated activity.

Fin whales, currently one of the largest marine species on the planet, are among those most commonly seen in this corner of the Sea of Cortez.  Humpback and grey whales also frequently make an appearance, all of which make their way to our waters after departing the Alaskan coasts.

Seize the opportunity to hop aboard a whale watching excursion! The experience is filled with adrenaline as you await a sighting of the majestic creatures, which can appear from any side of the boat. So, be sure to keep your camera or cell-phone ready to capture the moment!

Whales can be spotted from a distance when they first surface and let out a huge burst of air. This allows boats to gauge what direction to head, while approaching from a safe distance and eventually turning off their engines as they near.

The moment when a whale, and sometimes its offspring, is spotted is so moving that no one can help but express their joy through shouts and a variety of exclamations! While some prefer to try and capture the moment with their cameras, others would rather not miss a single detail by taking it all in with their own eyes.

Whale watching season in Rocky Point is from January to April, with cruises going out daily in search of a “close encounter”, while adhering to safety and sanitary protocols. 

Don’t miss out on this unique experience! Be sure to reserve a spot on one of the many special tours, offering prices for both children and adults.

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