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“Huellas Digitales” expo in Puerto Peñasco features life and art of Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros

The art and life of iconic Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros is on display at the Puerto Peñasco Municipal Art Gallery for three months, following an inaugural event on Oct. 8th.  The unprecedented “Huellas Digitales” (Fingerprints) art exhibit is open to the public so that students, residents, and tourists from near and far may appreciate this artistic treasure. 

“Huellas Digitales”, which features paintings, books, manuscripts, and an unparalleled look into the Mexican artist’s life, has come to Puerto Peñasco thanks to the joint effort of Siqueiros’ direct heirs, grandson David Constantino Alfaro Siqueiros, and great-grandson David Rodriguez Ochoa.

The exhibition is further made possible through promotion of an organizing committee led by Joaquin Bustamante, along with support from the Secretary of Tourism, the Puerto Peñasco Convention & Visitors Bureau, Municipal Administration, and other entities that have joined this great project.

The exhibition will allow viewers to admire some of the works done by the painter, writer, and activist, whom, alongside Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco, is considered one of the most important proponents of Mexican muralism. The exhibition aims to bring generations of all ages closer to the artist’s work, renowned for having renewed the canons of Mexican painting.

Following the October 8th the traveling “Huellas Digitales” exhibit, will be on display in Puerto Peñasco at the Municipal Art Gallery, Monday-Friday 9 am – 2:30 pm and 4 pm – 7 pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday 2 pm – 7 pm through mid-December.

“Huellas Digitales” is leading up to and part of this year’s 2nd Regional Colloquium on Environmental Education, to take place November 26, which will bring together environmental education specialists focused on raising ecological awareness and commitment as to the environmental, archaeological, and cultural importance of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve.

Exhibition to “Huellas Digitales” is free and open to the public.