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How to celebrate U.S. holidays in Puerto Peñasco?

Even though we’re already in the ninth month of the year, there are still some American holidays left to celebrate. Many people take advantage of these long weekends to head out and celebrate in another city. Such is the case for Puerto Peñasco, which receives thousands of U.S. visitors looking to spend a fun holiday weekend with family or a group of friends at the beach.

Columbus Day (Oct. 14th in the U.S. this year), is celebrated as a day to commemorate Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America. In Mexico, this is commemorated on Oct. 12th, called “Dia de la Raza” (Day of the Race).  In some parts of the U.S. this has also come to be called Indigenous Peoples Day.  The three-day weekend is a great time to visit Puerto Peñasco and take in the 34th edition of the colorful “Piñata Regatta”. The hobie cat races showcase colorful sailboats from the neighboring states of Arizona and California that come to sail the Sandy Beach area and take advantage of the cooler weather.  Most bars also have special deals over the weekend, making Puerto Peñasco the ideal spot to enjoy Columbus Day on the Sea of Cortez.

Halloween is another U.S. holiday that has become popular in Mexico. In Puerto Peñasco, it has become a busy day with plenty of movement and kids dressed up in their most terrifying costumes who go “trick or treating” to several different businesses and neighborhoods with U.S. expat communities, as they tend to be ready with candy and are eager to hand out treats! 

Many area bars and clubs throw Halloween parties, offering fun prizes for the best costumes as well as deals on food and drinks, and plenty of party and fun for all!

Another important date is November 11th, U.S. Veteran’s Day, honoring those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Thousands of people from the U.S. choose to spend the holiday in Puerto Peñasco as it also coincides with the now famous Rocky Point Rally, the largest biker fiesta in northwestern Mexico.  Veteran’s Day, along with the Rocky Point Rally, turn the weekend into an extended week of patriotic celebrations and motorcycles. If you haven’t made your reservations, you still have a chance to do so and should because it fills up quick!

Thanksgiving Day is yet another very special day (Nov. 28th this year). This is when families get together to share a wonderful meal, grateful for blessings received, and to share good wishes. This celebration is always on the fourth Thursday of November, and is another extended break that many families take advantage of to visit Puerto Peñasco. On Thanksgiving you’ll be able to find the traditional turkey dinner (yes, with apple or pumpkin pie!) at most restaurants who will try their best to make you feel at home. Don’t forget to make your Thanksgiving reservation at your favorite restaurant!

Christmas is another very important day, reuniting families across the globe. The holiday spirit embraces the city with decorations and lights, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus.   The winter holidays are another great time to seize the moment and enjoy a quick getaway to Puerto Peñasco with friends and family. The beaches are warm and of course the season is marked with special events, dinners, maybe even a parade, but definitely the familiar welcome that always awaits visitors. 

The final holiday of the season, and of course to wrap up the year with a bang in Puerto Peñasco is, of course, New Year’s! Yet again, friends and family come together to celebrate the year that has passed and to wish each other a better upcoming year.

Close out your year by celebrating it in Puerto Peñasco! You will undoubtedly have a memorable time as restaurants, bars, and night clubs put on gala dinners, feature live music, offer New Year’s toasts, masquerades, and the traditional countdown to ring in the New Year!

Any one of these dates is a great excuse to hit the highway and travel to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco, where tourists are always received with open arms. Puerto Peñasco always has events and specials to offer. Come and fall in love with Puerto Peñasco!