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Highlighting Puerto Peñasco at 2022 Travel Expo in Chihuahua

The Puerto Peñasco Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCV) showcased strengths of our tourism destination at the 2022 Travel Expo held in the capital city of neighboring Chihuahua May 7th– 8th.

At the 2022 Travel Expo, OCV representatives had the opportunity to highlight the area’s most beautiful and emblematic sites, hotel infrastructure, gastronomy, golf courses, activities, and routes connecting to Puerto Peñasco.

This important tourism promotion platform, now in its 16th edition, brought together over 4,000 visitors from Chihuahua who were able to learn more about tourism spots throughout Mexico. Puerto Peñasco stood out at the Travel Expo with the presence of the Convention & Visitors Bureau, accompanied by Sierra Tours and Hotel Peñasco del Sol.

Puerto Peñasco projected digital productions within its space at the tourism pavilion, featuring images of picturesque areas in this corner of the Sea of Cortez while capturing the attention of expo participants.

“They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, and this has never made more sense, literally, for the tourism sector,” expressed 2022 Travel Expo General Director Adalberto Castro during his inaugural speech, “We’ve been through years of tremendous learning, and we’re ready to apply this and evolve.”

Puerto Peñasco demonstrated its strength as a tourism destination able to attract people from Chihuahua in search of both summer and winter vacation options. This was bolstered by special all-inclusive hotel packages, as well as the notable addition of the recently inaugurated Calafia flight between Puerto Peñasco – Tijuana, which in the future may extend to Juarez thereby cutting travel time down from 11 hours by car to 3 hours by plane.

Lizette Ibarra, Director of the Puerto Peñasco Convention & Visitors Bureau, stressed our port offers everything visitors wish to enjoy within a vacation package. It offers warm welcoming beaches, quality and accessible hotel infrastructure, the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, ecotourism, and recreational activities for the whole family by air, land, and sea.

“We are one of the closest beaches to Chihuahua. The goal of being at the Travel Expo is to provide information and show that Puerto Peñasco is an ideal spot to vacation; plus, it is a special location for the destination wedding of your dreams,” detailed Ibarra.

The 2022 Travel Expo in Chihuahua featured 73 stands promoting destinations across Mexico and welcomed over 4000 participants looking for vacation packages, with at least 50% of the captive audience making their vacation plans and purchases.

Ibarra underscored the importance of being present at the Expo and that of promoting Puerto Peñasco at these types of national platforms in being able to represent this corner of Sonora. She added that preparations are already underway for an upcoming blitz with hotels, travel agents, and tour operators from Puerto Peñasco and the region, as well as Tijuana, in creating attractive vacation packages to present at the Tourism Fair to be held in Acapulco, which promotes the most important tourism spots in Mexico.

In addition to Puerto Peñasco, tourism promoters on hand at the recent Travel Expo included Chihuahua, Juarez, El Paso – Texas, the Riviera Maya, Copper Canyon, Guaymas – Sonora, Cancun – Quintana Roo, and Puerto Vallarta – Jalisco, to just mention a few.