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Gustavo Brown Tarín does intensive promotion for Puerto Peñasco across Asia

Gustavo Brown Tarín, CEO of Grupo SBR, is intensely promoting Puerto Peñasco as a first rate tourism destination and investment opportunity while visiting various countries across Asia.

The business leader, along with members of the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce located in Los Angeles, CA, and a Mexican Business Executives Delegation, participated as speakers at conference seminars held in a variety of cities including: Bangkok, Thailand; Guangzhou, China; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; and Nagoya, Japan.  There they addressed topics including investment opportunities in Mexico, and particularly in Puerto Peñasco, as well as promotion of the Sonoran port’s tourism, economic, and natural attractions, which have positioned it as a globally sought-after tourism destination.

At each of the meetings and conferences led by Mr. Brown, he has been able to inform others about Puerto Peñasco, and the tremendous investment potential that exists including in the areas of medical tourism, possible construction of marinas, hotels, and the Home Port, among other topics.

With international relations support sustained by leaders of the Mexico-US Chamber of Commerce, Regional Director Marlen Marroquin together with Mr. Brown were able to meet with ambassadors as well as Mexican and U.S. Consuls, among other diplomatic representatives.


Furthermore, Marroquin and Brown held important meetings with investors from each of the regions visited. During these meetings, the Puerto Peñasco business leader was able to detail the virtues and investment potential in this tourism spot.  The important growth in the number of visitors Puerto Peñasco continues to see yearly is a worthy point that drew the attention of all investors who attended Brown Tarin’s conferences, resulting in ongoing commitments to exchange information in seeking firm investment in Puerto Peñasco.


Some of the contacts and links made during the promotional tour included Andrew Duff, US Consul in Guangzhou, China, Raúl Moreno, Latin American representative in Japan, Mar Ping, Culture and Education Official from Shanghai, China, Mexico General Consul Lorena Larios Rodríguez in Shanghai, China, Alibaba Group architect Alex Huang, Medical Tourism Promoter Javier Molina from Medical Avenue of Seoul, South Korea, General Adjunct Secretary of the World Trade Center in Shanghai, China, Anna Zhou, Enrique Morales, Mexican Embassy Chief of Economic Affairs in Japan, Samuel Maldonado, Representative of the Business Federation of Mexico Asia Pacific CANACO, Yan Cao, Corporate Manager of HSBC, and Michael A. Daschbach, First Secretary of the US Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.