Come to Rocky Point

Governor Claudia Pavlovich in Puerto Peñasco for launch of 2019 Semana Santa Safety Operative

Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arrellano stressed the importance of a vacation period without serious incidents in Puerto Peñasco, noting the anticipated arrival of over 120,000 visitors. She encouraged tourists and residents alike to be responsible and collaborate with public safety authorities to ensure Puerto Peñasco continues to be a safe place to visit in being the region’s tourism destination with the highest influx of visitors.

“We are hoping for a vacation period with no fatalities, just as Spring Break, and that Peñasco continues to strengthen as a beautiful tourism spot. Let’s all take care of ourselves and travel well to be sure to return to our families safe and sound,” stated the governor.

The governor emphasized team work on behalf of the three levels of government, both in the city as well as along highways, with the participation of the Federal Police, Navy Sector, agents from the State and Municipal Police, ISSSPE and Youth Patrol, as well as the Red Cross, Fire Department, and rescue crews.  She recommended use of the 911 emergency number, as well as the direct 511 line, without the need to triangulate calls.

Also on hand on for launch of the 2019 Semana Santa Safety Operative in Puerto Peñasco were Puerto Peñasco Mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro, State Public Safety Minister David Anaya Cooley, State Civil Protection Coordinator Alberto Flores Chanel, Navy Sector Rear Admiral Víctor Manuel Alarcón, and Raúl Quintero Barrón from Municipal Public Safety, among other officials and police agencies.