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Geminid Meteor Shower

The Geminid Meteor Shower is a spectacular sight that nature gifts us. One must get away from the city lights on a dark night with little or no moon. It is suggested to find a cozy location. You may also want some binoculars (they are not necessary) and/or a camera.

Meteor showers are a result of cosmic debris coming in contact with the atmosphere at very high speeds. The fragments blaze within the path and produce a shooting star. Which in mundane wording, is a beautiful white line crossing the night sky.

This shower is highly anticipated and is thought as the most important meteor showers. The Geminid shower takes place December 4 to 16, however, the nights with the most activity will be on the 13 and 14. We will be able to observe them perfectly this year because the moon will be in its first quarter.

With this in mind, did you know that Puerto Peñasco is the ideal place to enjoy this wonder of nature? There are a variety of spots to enjoy the meteor shower. The first being a beach view. Bring a towel and blankets to the beach. You can also climb the top of a hill or camp at the Pinacate Reserve.

Lay back and buddle up. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness. You will witness the intensity of a science fiction sky that will create a photo-worthy moment.

Make a wish. Make as many as your blessed heart desires.


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