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Fish Bowl Seafood Fest highlights local dishes and the Arts

The 3rd Annual “Fish Bowl” Seafood Fest on Saturday, February 1st, offers a culinary festival along with art and fun in leading up to the Super Bowl.

Shrimp Plaza will be the setting for several restaurants from across Puerto Peñasco offering delectable seafood dishes throughout the day. Art stands, live music, folkloric dances, and raffle prizes are additional activities the whole family can enjoy during this beautiful day in the park!

The 3rd Annual “Fish Bowl”, organized by the local Rotary Club and the Mermaid’s Market, is a yearly fundraiser with proceeds going to projects to benefit various parts of the community. The event aims to promote culinary arts in Puerto Peñasco through the participation of over 20 restaurants, including the Gastro 638 chef collective. Along with the talent of artisans from the Mermaid’s Arts Market precisely on the day before the Super Bowl, the “Fish Bowl” takes advantage of hundreds of tourists who revel in football euphoria throughout the weekend.

Food tickets available at the event are $1 US (20 pesos), which are used to “pay” for dishes at the food stands – ranging from 1 to approximately 5 tickets – so that all can sample the varied seafood plates.

Enjoy the Fish Bowl Seafood Fest in the park, and get ready for the Super Bowl!