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Enhancing tourism services through training courses

In an effort to certify and professionalize tourism services, a call has been launched for interested individuals to take part in a housekeeper training course led by the Sonora State Labor Training Institute (ICATSON).

The 15-hour training is set to commence July 5th, thanks to a collaborative agreement between ICATSON, the Puerto Peñasco branch of the Sonora Association of Hotels and Motels, the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, the local Chamber of Commerce, and the Technological University of Puerto Peñasco where the course will be held.

The invitation is for persons 18+ who wish to get into the housekeeping field, with the commitment that upon course completion they can be hired at local hotels and resorts. In addition, staff already working at area resorts and hotels are invited to attend in order to enhance their service.

Oscar Palacio Soto, Director of the Puerto Peñasco Hotel and Motels Association, explained the idea of the agreement is to provide training courses that can benefit the tourism sector by improving customer service. In turn, the courses can carry out field work within local hotel facilities.

Edmundo Campa Araiza, general director of ICATSON, emphasized as tourism is the principal economic engine in this port, the courses will strengthen training for all who tend to visitors, which is something that must be stressed.

The 15-hour training course regarding housekeeping services will be held at Hotel Playa Bonita, at a cost of 562 pesos per course hour. Training will include instruction on topics regarding health standards and procedures, customer service and communication with clients and staff, equipping and supplying of rooms, and room cleaning services. In addition, the course will incorporate basic training on sign language, English, and First Aid.