Come to Rocky Point

Donations presented from 20th Anniversary Rocky Point Rally

Rocky Point Rally organizers presented donations, raised from registration and other activities of the 20th Anniversary of the Rocky Point Rally, to eight charitable organizations in Puerto Peñasco and Sonoyta.

Lizette Ibarra, Director of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), accompanied Rally organizer and founder Oscar Palacio Soto and Puerto Peñasco mayor Jorge Pivac Carrillo, as well as the mayor of Sonoyta, for presentation of the 460,640 pesos raised at this year’s event.

Having surpassed expectations, the 20th Anniversary of the Rocky Point drew in around 6,000 motorcyclists and over 20,000 tourists. This was further reflected in economic revenue of over 3 million dollars across the city, along with the donations distributed to the social organizations representing the charitable arm of the Rocky Point Rally.

Oscar Palacio Soto, head organizer of what has become one of the most important biker events in northwestern Mexico, expressed appreciation for support of this year’s rally held Nov. 11th – 14th. This comes a year after having had to suspend the rally for the first time ever, due to Covid health concerns.

“As I shared with Mayor Jorge Pivac and Liz from the OCV, this year was a success as we surpassed expectations. We had foreseen possibly 3000 motorcycles; given that last year we did not officially hold the event. This year was organized well, and we had support from the Convention and Visitors Bureau, which provides backing through resources from a percentage of housing that goes towards promotion, particularly in the U.S. We were able to surpass our goals,” explained Palacio Soto.
The 20th Anniversary edition of the Rocky Point Rally, which also did not have any fatalities, attracted bikers and onlookers principally from the southwestern U.S. states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas, as well as the northern states of Chihuahua, Baja California, and Sonora in Mexico, among others.