Come to Rocky Point

Delicious dishes straight from the sea!

Imagine sitting down at a restaurant in a welcoming tourist destination, filled with expectations to savor deliciousness. The dish you choose is prepared with fresh seafood recently pulled from the sea.

This is more than possible in Rocky Point, a privileged spot surrounded by the Sea of Cortez, where the fresh fare and nutrients go straight from the sea to your palate.

There are several restaurants across the city that focus their cuisine around the fresh catch of the day. These culinary spots transform fresh product into dishes cooked in rich oils, steamed, grilled, or with lime. There are even heads of restaurants who themselves go out to fish, bringing freshly caught product back to their kitchens.  What an enriching experience, behind the great service, that diners should try out as a way to enjoy your food even more!

Some of the wide variety of species you can catch in this area, using some of the most traditional techniques, include spotted sand bass, grouper, flounder, mackerel, and triggerfish. You can choose to savor these through various preparations, including marinated and grilled, with toasted garlic, steamed vegetables, fish tacos, or in fresh seafood cocktails, just to mention a few.

Don’t forget to visit an oyster farm, where you can observe how the oysters are extracted from the estuaries and opened right in front of your eyes!  Tasting the fresh oysters straight out of the shell is the true illustration of from the sea to your palate! 

We could list endless products recently pulled from the sea. This includes shrimp from the region which, given its quality and size, is the jewel of the Sea of Cortez! Plus, don’t forget clams, scallops, tuna, octopus, and many more you can spot in your favorite dish.

To round out our recommendations, here are just a few of the restaurants that promote the use of freshly caught seafood. Much of this is acquired through local fisheries, renowned for their quality and assurance that products meet strict standards.

Pane e Vino.

This restaurant offers one of the best views over the city and, along with specialties of pastas and Italian fare, prepares fresh fish daily – and frequently even a special Fish of the Day.

Tekila Bar and BooBar.

These spots located in the malecón are known for their fresh fish, frequently caught by the establishment themselves that day and prepared to the delight of diners.

Fire Pit Meat and Grill.

This exquisite restaurant located inside Hotel Peñasco del Sol maintains strict quality control of all their seafood and steak products, which are prepared meticulously on the grill, ensuring guaranteed deliciousness in every dish.

Al Capone’s Seafood & Pizzeria. 

A popular restaurant offering the utmost quality in seafood, including some of the best pizzas in the city!


This restaurant located at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort provides a menu filled with exclusive products, including aquaculture raised totoaba for the most distinguished tastes, as well as other exquisitely prepared fresh seafood.

Be sure to check out additional restaurants that, due to their quality dishes and excellent service, are recognized on TripAdvisor and across social media, such as: Blue Marlin, Los Martínez, Mare Blue Ristorante, Friendly Dolphin, The Point, Restaurante de Ramon at Sonoran Sea, Mary´s Seafood, Casa del Capitán, Infusión del Golfo, and Cielito Lindo, among others.  These spots, and many more, offer the freshest in seafood and great attention and care for your next visit to Rocky Point.