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Day of the Dead in Puerto Peñasco!

The period between the end of October and beginning of November acquires a solemn yet festive mood, filled with aromas of marigold, incense, copal, candle wax, tasty dishes, candy skulls, chocolate, and “pan de muerto” filling the air. Families visit and decorate the resting places of loved ones; colorful perforated paper and Catrinas abound, as more and more people create traditional altars.

Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) is a Mexican tradition honoring the dead. Though the celebration originates from the pre-Hispanic era, thanks to Spanish conquest aspects of Catholicism have been incorporated and it is celebrated principally on Nov. 1st and 2nd , coinciding with the Catholic “All Saints Day”. Traditionally, November 1st is when the spirits of children come to visit, while November 2nd is for the spirits of adults.

Official city events in Puerto Peñasco will begin on November 1st.

The traditional altar and catrina contests will be held on November 1st and 2nd  on the popular “Rodeo Drive” curios shops road, beginning around 5 pm each day. Celebrations are to include altar displays, theater, music, film, art, a traditional procession, catrina contests, and of course lots and lots of delectable Mexican food.

Still, many people begin celebrations earlier with altar and catrina contests held at schools, bars, and in clubs.

Even though Día de Muertos is a traditional Mexican celebration, Halloween has now become part of local festivities, all you need to do is look inside any store to notice this. So, don’t forget to buy plenty of candy so you won’t get caught empty-handed by would-be trick or treaters.

We recommend you stay alert and follow social media sites of your favorite spots because there will surely be costume and catrina parties all over the city!