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Convention and Visitors Bureau contributes to road safety

With the goal of contributing to better roadways while increasing overall safety and awareness, the president of the Puerto Peñasco Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCV), Hector Vazquez del Mercado, recently presented a total of 40 traffic signs to the city, including Stop signs, Speed Limits, as well as DUI warnings, and mandatory use of helmets.

Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto Munro thanked the OCV for addressing the request, made by Public Safety, regarding the donation of signage for strategic points across the city. This clearly demonstrates it is possible for the community, the private sector, and the government to work together. The mayor also underscored his commitment to reinstate an informative program on traffic rules and fine amounts. This helps to reinforce informational tools provided by the OCV, as the new signs include details regarding diverse fines for traffic violations.

Accompanied by fellow hotel colleagues, President of the National Chamber of Commerce Federation (FECANACO), Ángel de la Puerta, and Mayor Ernest Munro, the OCV president indicated the signs are in response to requests made by Raúl Quintero, Director of Public Safety, as well as area hotels and resorts. The goal is to provide better road signage along key avenues and intersections.

The president of the OCV also reported, in coordination with resorts and hotels, free dining areas would be provided to members of the Tourism Auxiliary Police as an incentive to encourage their ongoing efforts while strengthening a sense of forming part of a larger team of tourism service providers.