Come to Rocky Point

Committees to coordinate strategies for arrival of upcoming cruise in Sea of Cortez

At a recent meeting headed by Puerto Peñasco Mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro, along with Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) President Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, representatives from the local administration, safety and health agencies, as well as members from the local business committee, work committees were formed that are meant to strengthen the entry and return of the Astoria cruise ship in Puerto Peñasco come December.

The meeting included defining committee tasks, and all were called to join efforts to facilitate cruise line operations for the Cruise and Maritime Voyages’ six scheduled 11-day cruises.

The Promotion and Diffusion Committee will be led by Lizette Ibarra, Convention and Visitors Bureau Director, along with Municipal Tourism Director Rafael Mendívil. Together they will work on topics of promotion and dissemination of information about the cruise and special packages, as well as attractions, activities, cuisine, and culture from the departure port.

The Committee on Entry and Departure Logistics, represented by Harbor Master Luis Castro, includes naval and local government authorities who will address strategies to facilitate the documentation of foreign cruise-goers into the country at the border, while decreasing return time with support from public safety agencies.

Safety and Contingencies will be addressed by a committee led by City Secretary Terencio Gutiérrez and Municipal Civil Protection director Francisco Javier Carrillo. This will include representatives from public safety and rescue corps, which have already developed civil protection and safety operational plans based on hard facts and strengths to respond to any type of emergency. 

The Committee on Supplies, led by Aide Yaracet Verduzco, will seek out areas of opportunity with local and regional businesses who may be able to offer professional services and supplies to complement the Cruise & Maritime Voyage company.

As the meeting closed, those present made the commitment to continue to meet in order to present committee progress. Joint efforts of the various sectors seek to ensure the upcoming arrival of the Astoria cruise ship provides an extraordinary adventure for all who seek to discover the Sea of Cortez.