Come to Rocky Point

Combined efforts to ensure vacation Safety

To offer security and dignified attention to tourists and residents alike, the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau is part of a coordinated effort with the municipal police of Puerto Peñasco, Sonoyta, state and federal agencies, and the local hotel sector. 

The main objective is to prevent accidents while ensuring all visitors who choose Puerto Peñasco as a vacation destination enjoy a comfortable holiday season without any setbacks.

Towards this end, the Puerto Peñasco municipal police has established a systematic operational plan to include participation from the entire state force by surveilling points of highest influx such as the Malecón, Calle 13, Calle Primera, the Mirador area, the road to La Cholla, the “Loma” (competition hill) and the hotel zone.

The 2022 operation will be reinforced with participation of the State Police, the National Guard, Red Cross, Civil Protection and rescue groups, as well as the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the local hotel sector.

Puerto Peñasco Public Safety Director, Jose Tlaseca Mendez, indicated the security plan includes setting up information spots across the city to provide pamphlets with emergency numbers, speed limit and basic traffic regulations, as well as information regarding fines for non-compliance and numbers to report extortion attempts.

For its part, Public Safety in Sonoyta, which is the port of entry through which most U.S. visitors enter Puerto Peñasco to vacation, has implemented a “Zero Tolerance” program. This aims to prevent cases of extortion with locals and travelers from abroad through posting of clear traffic limit signs.

Likewise, Sonoyta Municipal Police Commander Oliver Muñoz Trujillo detailed an information module will be installed at the entrance to Sonoyta. Also, to prevent traffic jams, an alternate route will be managed along 16 de Septiembre Street (in front of the Salcido gas station), exiting on the road that leads to Puerto Peñasco. A patrol will be set up there to direct drivers taking that route.

Flyers detailing speed limits and traffic fines in Sonoyta contain the following information: 

  • In the case of a first infraction, offenders will have the right to a verbal warning, and in case of reoccurrence, corresponding traffic fines will be drawn up.
  • Starting from the Welcome signs (entrance and/or exit of town), enforced speed limit is 40 miles per hour (65 kilometers per hour).
  • City speed limit of 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour) must continue to be respected. Those who exceed this may receive a corresponding fine of $2,000.00 Mexican pesos or $110.00 dollars, as applicable.
  • All fines must be paid directly at the police station, located on Altar Street.

This is a first step in striving toward a better traffic culture within the community and for visitors, as well as to undertake steps aimed at making tourism feel safe when traveling through the Municipality.

It should be stressed that Puerto Peñasco maintains health protocols including use of face masks in crowded spaces and businesses, as well as at entries to hotels and condominiums. Please keep in mind, there is also restricted capacity in bars and gathering places.