Come to Rocky Point

Christmas is almost here! How will you celebrate?

Though this year has presented complicated moments for everyone in learning new ways of life, keeping our distance, and caring for ourselves and each other more than ever, we can’t let such an important traditional date slip us by. Christmas is still a time for gathering with loved ones, and this time with all necessary health measures in place. 

Holiday celebrations won’t mean large joyful crowds this year, but rather conserving the magic of the season, which is meaningful for adults and children alike while awaiting Santa Claus and gifts.

It is understandable that many prefer to stay home during this family time, celebrating a simple dinner with their closest loved ones. In some cases, people are looking ahead and ordering a banquet to bring home to save time on cooking.

There are also those who are considering going out with loved ones to celebrate Christmas, which is valid provided consideration of current health and safety measures. If you plan to go out, gathering in small groups with only a few people is what is most recommended.

A holiday option is to reserve a room or condominium at one of those certified as “Safe Point”, guaranteeing you a safe space that complies with all health guidelines.

Organizing an open-air campfire, complete with roasting of hotdogs and marshmallows for the kids, is also a good option for those looking for another way to celebrate.

Another good idea is going out to eat with the family at one of the restaurants staying open on Christmas Eve. Don’t forget to make a reservation!

What’s important at this time is to care for our health while not letting go of family togetherness. So, let’s pick out the best option to celebrate Christmas! 

Happy Holidays!