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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Puerto Peñasco?

Thanksgiving will be on November 22nd We welcome the holidays with colorful decor. We create scrumptious meals in the warm kitchen. Chatter and laughter coalesce the house. Our table is adorned with traditional recipes and that aroma takes us to pleasant memories. There are some who have enjoyed these memories at their favorite restaurant.

Puerto Peñasco caters your favorite American holiday traditional especially Thanksgiving. The supermarkets provide everything to recreate your favorite feast. It is advisable to have an idea of what ingredients your recipe contain this will hinder frustrations. However, remember that there are foods that are not allowed by law to cross the border (* List of allowed food link here *)

If you don’t feel like cooking on your vacation time. Consider ordering takeout or delivery at your favorite restaurant. In Puerto Peñasco we understand how important it is for people carry on with traditions. We remind ourselves on the importance of gratitude. That is why there is a turkey on the table. That is, if you choose to have a turkey.

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