Come to Rocky Point

Celebrate the 4th of July in Rocky Point!

Fireworks, beach, plus friends and family. What better way to celebrate 4th of July in Rocky Point?  U.S. Independence Day is one of the most important holidays for our neighbors to the north, and one that many take advantage of to travel and celebrate in Rocky Point.

While 4th of July celebrations took place mostly at homes across the U.S. last year, in 2021 families now have more options to mark the festivities. One of these of course is to visit Rocky Point and enjoy the holiday weekend!

Various resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars plan special 4th of July events in Rocky Point to treat our U.S. neighbors, making sure they feel right at home in celebrating Independence Day with special dinners, live music, and fireworks.

The weather in early July is warm and welcoming, so it’s perfect for outdoor activities such as cruising on a local tour boat, visiting Bird Island, heading out in a group to a local restaurant or bar, enjoying the beach, sunning along the coast, or simply watching the fireworks from a resort terrace or from the beach.

It’s important to keep in mind when planning your travels for this 4th of July that Rocky Point has lifted curfew restrictions due to the low incidence of Covid-19, though health and safety measures are still needed as required by international health protocols to help ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable.

There’s still time to make a reservation and celebrate U.S. Independence Day in this corner of the Sea of Cortez!