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CEDO celebrates 40 years of research

The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) opened its doors in Puerto Peñasco in 1980 under the leadership of Director Peggy Turk-Boyer. Housed in its main offices next to a majestic whale skeleton, CEDO has distinguished itself for work on conservation programs and monitoring the biodiversity of the Sea of Cortez, along with projects that involve fishing communities from the Upper Gulf of California, and responsible tourism. To mark CEDO’s 40th Anniversary, a series of events are planned throughout the Fall and Spring, culminating in a grand concert featuring Alejandro Filio and Fernando Delgadillo, set to the spectacular backdrop of dunes.

Signaling the start to the 40th Anniversary events, outgoing Director Turk-Boyer welcomed incoming CEDO Executive Director Nelida Barajas during a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at CEDO’s offices in Las Conchas. In addition, CEDO signed a collaborative agreement with the City of Puerto Peñasco to further environmental friendly policies and strategies.

The ceremony emphasized CEDO’s 40 years of work in building valuable research that encourages understanding of ecological and socio-ecologic processes, while making the ecosystems of the Northern Gulf of California one of the most important study areas in Mexico.

Additional highlights include CEDO’s work in environmental education with students at all academic levels, as well as with the community in implementing permanent programs.
Celebrations marking CEDO’s 40th Anniversary are to encompass a series of events including seminars, talks, cleanup efforts, along with environmental festivals and movies, culminating with a night of music entitled “For Love of the Sea”, featuring Alejandro Filio and Fernando Delgadillo along the Sea of Cortez.