Come to Rocky Point

Summer is here to stay! Enjoy it at the beach!

In addition to its certified clean beaches, Puerto Peñasco is home to numerous spots and activities to help you enjoy the warm weather and make summer special!

There are endless activities to explore during your stay in this beautiful corner of the Sea of Cortez, from swimming to jet-skis and banana boats, and more.  If traveling with kids, you can always make sand sculptures, sunbathe, pick up a game of beach volleyball, or simply stroll along the sand and enjoy the view.

Boat cruises:  Enjoy time with family and friends on one of the many “sunset” cruises, replete with music, snacks, and drinks!

Isla San Jorge (Bird Island):  Don’t miss out on a trip to Isla San Jorge (aka Bird Island) to see the sea lions. Get in the water, or jump on a kayak or paddleboard, and explore this spot which is home to one of the largest communities of migratory birds and sea lions.

Pinacate Biosphere Reserve:  Take advantage of the still cool mornings this time of year to visit the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Take in the spectacular Elegante maar crater and sand dunes, as well as the desert flora and fauna. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a family of pronghorns or bighorn sheep that reside in this area, which is considered sacred to ancestors in the region as well as a UNESCO recognized natural World Heritage Site.

All-terrain excursions:  Afternoons are the perfect time to cruise the dunes and tourist spots on ATVs or other 4×4 vehicles, though being sure to wear helmets and follow safety rules at all times.

Founders Malecón:  Wander around the Malecon with friends or family. The Governors’ esplanade is an inviting area, just across from the tiled stairs leading to the upper part of the Malecon.  You can also stroll though the various curios shops and stands along the street, where you’ll surely come across all types of souvenirs and Mexican handcrafts.

Curios Rodeo Drive – Road to La Cholla:  This popular spot filled with quaint shops and galleries offers folk-art and jewelry from across the country, plus shell art and wood carvings made by local craft smiths.

Visit CEDO:  This summer calls for a trip to CEDO, the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans. The center, which does research on marine ecosystems and biodiversity, houses a welcome center and gift shop, offering guided eco tours and natural history talks while showcasing a whale skeleton to greet everyone!

Oyster farms: A can’t miss spot is definitely a visit to the oyster farms!  Did you know there’s a great oyster route in Puerto Peñasco?  The oyster route starts at KM 7 along the highway to Caborca, guiding you to relish fresh oysters recently taken out of the sea. Diners can enjoy a view of the estuaries and rustic furnishings while thoroughly experiencing the phrase “From the Sea to your Palate”.

These are just some of the many activities and spots to visit this summer in Puerto Peñasco, complementing our culinary treats, tremendous hotel offerings, the warmth of our people, and magnificent beach weather.

Welcome to Puerto Peñasco!

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What to do in Rocky Point this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, otherwise known as the “Day of Love and Friendship” in Mexico. Celebrated in many spots across the globe, February 14th is particularly notable in Rocky Point with romantic walks on the beach, dining out, and sunset boat tours, among other options to share with that someone special.

If you’re planning something special and fun, how about a dinner-picnic at the beach? You can organize a simple meal or elaborate with candles, cushions, a small table, and even music for the special occasion. Or surprise your sweetheart or friends by booking with an event planner, who will prepare everything for you professionally!

Book a boat tour! Take advantage of whale-watching season paired with Valentine’s Day and enjoy the adventure with friends or just that special someone; or how about a sunset tour to take in the Sea of Cortez along with good music, food, and drinks?

Enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant. Reserve a spot and surprise your honey with a special dinner. There are plenty of dining options in Rocky Point for all tastes.

Reserve a room or condo at a local hotel or resort.

How about a fun evening with a group of friends, or just with that special person in your own private setting? Booking a room or condo at a local resort or hotel is a wonderful option as you can prepare your own delicious dinner, or order to have it brought in to help celebrate.

Relax and treat your body and soul to a spa.

A relaxing way to spend this day of love and friendship is with a trip to a local spa, either as a couple or with friends. This will surely make for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

These are just some thoughts for Valentine’s Day. Plus, there’s always the gift of flowers, chocolate, maybe an outing to the movies, or, for even more adrenaline, an afternoon ATV adventure across the dunes. 

You will undoubtedly find that special spot, restaurant, or activity in Rocky Point to make Valentine’s Day special. There’s still time to plan and surprise your sweetie or your friends! 

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How about Halloween in Rocky Point?

Halloween 2022 is fast approaching, that highly anticipated time for designing costumes, fun outings, and of course asking for candy. Clubs across Rocky Point are already preparing special offers for nights filled with music, fun, and contests for the best and most horrifying ensembles.

In Rocky Point, several bars and clubs outdo themselves with scary decorations and characters straight from horror movies, all to liven up their Halloween parties that attract residents and visitors who choose to spend the spooky time by the beach.

Plus, the weather at the end of October in this corner of the Sea of Cortez is spectacular! So, you can enjoy warm days and cool nights for all the Halloween festivities. While not a Mexican tradition, Rocky Point has certainly adopted Halloween as yet another reason to celebrate.

If you don’t have plans yet for this Halloween, a trip to Rocky Point is an excellent choice!  Here you’ll find beautiful beaches, tremendous hotel offerings, top restaurants, plenty of activities for both land and sea, night clubs, and above all the warmth of its welcoming people! 

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Puerto Peñasco by land or air!

Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) is a privileged spot nestled in a corner of the Sea of Cortez, where sea waves blend into the dunes of the Altar desert, crowned by the majestically grand Pinacate Biosphere. It is undoubtedly a must-see destination!

Now one of the most important and frequented beach destinations in northwestern Mexico, this Sonoran port offers tremendous hotel and resort infrastructure, varied cuisine, and the most beautiful beaches around. Many of its beaches have been awarded national and international recognition as sustainable clean beaches.

Given its proximity to the United States, Rocky Point is a favorite beach destination for thousands of tourists from the U.S. and Canada, who often visit various times throughout the year. It is also appealing to tourists from Baja California, in search of warmer waters, visitors from Chihuahua as this is the closest beach to them, and of course tourists from across Sonora and other states looking for an escape to enjoy fun with family, friends, or even romance.

If you haven’t yet visited this Mexican treasure, which offers everything needed to enjoy a truly unforgettable vacation, here are more details on how to get here easily and safely by either land or air.

If coming from Southwestern U.S., including Arizona, California, New Mexico, and the like, the border crossing at Lukeville, AZ – Sonoyta, Sonora will put you at within an hour of Rocky Point.  This broad-shouldered highway is very safe given the ample surface, signage, and emergency telephones along the route. These factors are bolstered as the highway is part of the Safe Corridor program.  During the trip you’ll go through spectacular desert landscapes, as well as be able to see the Pinacate mountain range on the horizon.

For those traveling from Baja California, southern California, or other spots west, one of the recommended routes is the Coastal Highway connecting San Luis Rio Colorado to El Golfo de Santa Clara and Puerto Peñasco. The 2½ hour route departing El Golfo hugs the coast at times, allowing for glimpses of the sea while also passing through areas of petrified dunes and Salinas salt flats.  Moderate speeds recommended along this highway due to road conditions, including accumulated sand in spots.

For those coming from other parts of Sonora, Chihuahua, or from the U.S. entering Mexico through Nogales, you can get to Rocky Point via the Caborca-Puerto Peñasco highway. Moderate speeds recommended for the two-hour drive on the two-laned state highway, due to road conditions and safety.  Along the route you will spot saguaro and cactus stretching up from the desert floor. As you near the city, you’ll pass right near various oyster farms that are worth a visit.

If coming from regions in Baja California and California, and you’d like to cut down on distance so you can enjoy more time in Rocky Point, since April travelers can opt for the Tijuana-Puerto Peñasco flight offered by Calafia Airlines, which will get you here in under an hour. From the skies you’ll be able to appreciate a spectacular aerial view over the Sea of Cortez and the Great Altar Desert.

If you’d prefer not to use your own car, there are rental options to provide greater comfort, whether for individual use or groups, as various companies across the region offer rentals.  You can also check for tourism packages to Rocky Point, or even catch a bus from any part of Mexico.

Whichever route you choose, we are ready to welcome you to Rocky Point. There’s still time to plan a vacation for 2022!

For more information, we’ve put together some links and contact information for tour companies, travel consultants, transportation options, rentals, and flight.

By land

Bufalo Rent a Car:  638 388 9999

By air

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Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Rocky Point!

To not skip out on the romanticism of Feb. 14th, the Day of Love and Friendship, there are plenty of ways to celebrate right here in town! From romantic dinners to special gifts, a romantic picnic on the beach, or simply enjoying the sunset in a special spot with your favorite person, Rocky Point has it all!

A popular tradition for Valentine’s Day is to dine out with your loved one, or with friends, sharing a delicious meal while toasting to love and friendship. There are various restaurants across Puerto Peñasco that will be offering special Valentine’s Day menus.

Another great option is to board a boat to cruise the Sea of Cortez alongside friends, your sweetie, or family. In addition to showcasing the wondrous beauty of the sea, these trips offer cruise-goers snacks, drinks, music, and…if you’re lucky, since it’s that time of year…even a glimpse of whales.

How about a romantic picnic?  In Puerto Peñasco you can take advantage of the beach to design your own romantic open-air dining experience. Take along a tablecloth and candles, plus your favorite dish or snacks, for a wonderful romantic moment with that special person, or with a group of friends.

You can also surprise your Valentine by hiring an event planner to help organize a romantic beach date, complete with a special setting to include flowers, flower petals, candles, a delicious dinner, and wine.

If you’d like something a little more private, reserve a room at one of the luxurious hotels or resorts and prepare – or request – a special dinner to treat your Valentine, and enjoy the sea view right from your balcony.

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day long distance, or want to surprise your love, how about sending flowers or a special gift? That could be chocolates, a charcuterie board, a favorite perfume, or possibly a gift certificate to a local spa or beauty salon.

Spa date with your Valentine or a group of friends

Treating yourself to a massage is an excellent option for Valentine’s Day! You can reserve a couples massage to enjoy a pleasant moment with that someone special, or book a time with friends so you can all relish in the massage experience with essential oils.

If you’d like to break from the norm, head to the dunes for sandboarding, visit the Schuk Toak Visitors Center of the Pinacate Reserve, hop on an ATV to bound across the sand, or simply enjoy a walk on the beach with your favorite people while taking in one of Rocky Point’s majestic sunsets!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Getting to Puerto Peñasco

Puerto Peñasco is a privileged spot nestled in the corner of the Sea of Cortez, where the waves from the sea meld with the Desert of Altar, crowned by the grandeur and majestic Pinacate Biosphere. This is undoubtedly a destination you must explore!

Transformed into what is now a beach destination and positioning itself as one of the most important and frequented spots in Northwestern Mexico, this Sonoran port offers great hotel infrastructure, varied cuisine, and beautiful beaches. Many of its beaches have been distinguished nationally and internationally in meeting goals of cleanliness and sustainability.

Given its proximity to the United States, Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) is a favorite beach destination for thousands of North American tourists who visit the area several times throughout the year.  This destination also welcomes many visitors from Baja California in search of the warm sea, visitors from Chihuahua as this is the closest beach to them, and of course tourism from across Sonora, among other areas.  All who visit are sure to find an escape for fun with family and friends, and romance.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to explore this Mexican treasure that offers all you need for a pleasant and unforgettable vacation, we share details on roads to get here to ensure a safe and easy trip.

If coming from Arizona, California, or other states in the American Southwest, the border crossing at Lukeville, AZ – Sonoyta, Sonora will bring you to within an hour of Puerto Peñasco.  The ample road, with shoulders, is safe given the smooth surface and varied signage along the way regarding spots of interest and emergency telephone contacts, which form part of the Safe Corridor program.   Along the way, you’ll be able to take in the spectacular desert landscape as well as view the Pinacate range on the horizon.

For those coming from Baja California, southern California, and other spots that direction, a suggested route is the Coastal Highway that connects San Luis Rio Colorado to the Gulf of Santa Clara, and on to Puerto Peñasco.  The two- and half-hour journey hugs the coast for much of its span, allowing you to catch glimpses of the beach. This highway also runs through areas of petrified dunes and salt beds.

For those traveling to Puerto Peñasco from the southern part of Sonora, Chihuahua, or U.S. visitors who crossed into Mexico at the Nogales or Agua Prieta entries, the Caborca-Puerto Peñasco highway will take about two hours to our beach destination.  It is recommended drivers travel at moderate speed along this two-lane state highway due to bumpy conditions in spots, as well as for safety precautions. You’ll spot saguaro and other splendid desert cacti from the road and, as you approach the city, you’ll come across turn-offs to oyster farms you should explore at some point.

Along with highway routes to get to Puerto Peñasco, direct flights between Tijuana and Puerto Peñasco are planned to start in April 2022. This will cut down on distance and time, providing safe and rapid travel.

If you’d prefer not to drive your own vehicle, you may opt for renting a car for greater comfort, or for larger groups. There are several companies in the region that can provide rental or shuttle services. You can also check for travel tours to Puerto Peñasco, or travel by bus from any part of Mexico.

Whichever way you choose to get to Puerto Peñasco, we’ll be ready to welcome you! Plan your vacations for 2022!

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Puerto Peñasco is home to 3 of the best beaches in the country

Puerto Peñasco is at the forefront in quality beaches as a tourism destination with three beaches certified under national and international protocols, one of which is the longest extension of certified clean beach in Mexico.  

Puerto Peñasco achieved its first clean beach certification in 2017, stretching 1,700 lineal meters of coastline along Sandy Beach and encompassing the shore in front of Playa Bonita, Puerta Privada, Sonora Sky, and Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort.

This first certification was achieved through strict audits of water quality, safety, environmental education programs, beach cleaning, and the commitment of resort and hotel personnel, environmental associations, and the local administration, among others, to monitor and maintain the area.

With this distinction, Puerto Peñasco became the first certified beach in the state of Sonora, offering residents and tourists alike a guarantee of cleanliness and safety.

Another tremendous step was made when the city fulfilled a series of protocols and measures, meticulously reviewed by Mexican Regulations, to obtain certification of the coastline along Islas del Mar. At 2,300 lineal meters, this is now the longest stretch of certified clean beach for recreational use in the country.

This recognitions positions Puerto Peñasco as the first tourism destination in Mexico to obtain certification along a vast extension of beach, once again ensuring confidence and safety for those who visit this port and its distinguished beaches.

At the recent flag presentation to the certified clean beaches, CONAGUA Representative Omri Flores acknowledged through coordination of the government, developers, the Clean Beach Committee, and other groups, three of Puerto Peñasco’s beaches have been certified in less than 5 years. 

“In my professional experience, I have seen that large developers and tourism destinations work toward certifying their beaches. Puerto Peñasco is among the few destinations with certified clean beaches for the people, providing beachgoers with extensive stretches for certification to fulfill this objective,” he specified.

If two clean beach certifications weren’t enough, in 2021 the international “Blue Flag” was once again awarded to a stretch of beach in front of Manny’s Beach Club in the Mirador. The international recognition, granted by the Environmental Education Foundation (FEE) in Mexico, encompasses 75 meters of beach and was obtained after having met at least 33 environmental criteria. This further contributes to Puerto Peñasco’s relevance as a global tourism destination.

These levels of recognition illustrate that while cities and ports are recovering from the pandemic and critical situations, strong progress has been made on environmental projects that attract tourism and investment, as well as jobs.  Such is the case of Puerto Peñasco’s beach certification, in bringing together efforts to benefit residents and tourists alike.

In addition to beautiful coasts, fun, cuisine, and a wealth of activities by land or sea, Puerto Peñasco offers excellent quality beaches, which is yet another reason to visit this corner of the Sea of Cortez. 

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The Oyster Route

“From the Sea to your Palate” is a culinary phrase you can taste for yourself with a visit to one of the oyster farms along the Morua Estuary in Rocky Point. There, in addition to sampling delicacies recently extracted from the sea, you can enjoy the amazing views across the estuary and desert dunes.

Getting to the oyster farms can turn into quite the adventure from the moment you exit the highway toward Caborca. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to get there!  Starting from kilometer 7 along the highway heading south from Rocky Point, a series of dirt roads lead out to spots along the estuary where oysters are cultivated. Each of the oyster farms provides signs along the highway, and all are quaint and rustic. While the oysters take nearly a year to grow, in a matter of seconds you can savor them straight from their shell, topped lime and salsa.  

The first stop along the oyster route is Ostionera Aquamar. From the moment you arrive, after traversing a few kilometers over land, you’re emerged in a beachside camp environment. It’s the true sensation of leaving the urban center to connect with desert roads before coming across estuaries that produce oysters for your table.  This spot offers a few tables so you can enjoy the freshly prepared seafood along with family and friends, and of course refreshing drinks.

The next road leads you to El Barco, which can be considered to be the most visited spot among the oyster farms. In addition to the inviting tiny paradise, this oyster farm has an on-site restaurant where you can relish in other simple yet delicious seafood dishes along with the recently harvested oysters.  Another peculiarity of this spot is that it is a cooperative run by women and their families since the 1980s. Plus, it is surrounded by large dunes used for sandboarding.  Local families and tourists from across Mexico, the US, and beyond, including from Korea and Canada, make their way to El Barco to sample the amazing flavors.

Rolling along the highway a few kilometers more, an all-terrain path through desert brush and rugged roads carved out by cars leads to the Acuícola Punta Peñasco oyster farm. This spot looks like it’s straight out of a road-trip movie! In front of the lake there’s a cabin, RV, and several wooden tables so you can sit seaside while sampling the oyster delicacies. Plus, an alluring hammock lets you lay back while you digest.

On the other side of the estuary is Punta Roja. Along with deliciously fresh oysters served with lime and salsa, they also offer baked oysters so guests can experiment with other ways of preparation. This is definitely a paradise you can’t miss!

The amazing thing about all of these farms is that in just one day you can bear witness to how those is charge of production check on the oyster growing process, or even watch them pull oyster baskets out with product ready to try.

If not able to visit any of the oyster farms, you can also ask to try the succulent oysters in nearly all local seafood restaurants and those offering international cuisine, as well as near the wharf in La Cholla.

Now that you know more about the oyster farms nestled into this corner of the Sea of Cortez, when visiting Rocky Point and wanting to spend time with the family in a truly rich rustic setting while savoring delicacies recently taken from the sea, don’t hesitate to venture out to a spot right on the estuary to enjoy oysters straight “From the Sea to your Palate.”

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The future of weddings

We live in a world that is constantly changing. We change our nationality, change our identity, and we’re amazed by technology. We get caught up in fashion and new diet trends, but there’s something that has remained pure over the centuries…LOVE. That wonderful feeling that moves the world.

I am a passionate Wedding Planner, who loves working with couples as they prepare for their big day. As in every type of service, there are some clients that are more demanding than others. Yet, it’s important to be empathic at all times, because it’s THEIR WEDDING, an event that will touch the rest of their lives.

Nowadays, eager couples are even more on top of where and in what they plan to invest. Some of them have had to make several date changes, and others have even cancelled their events. Now, those who are once again planning want to make sure they are aware of every miniscule detail and carefully read all contract clauses. These are things that in the past were more of a given, yet have become a priority in clarifying “What happens if I cancel?”.

Those looking to get married want to be well informed, which is good in preventing any misunderstandings. We are all coming out of both complicated and uncertain times. We’ve had to double our efforts to make sure brides and grooms can hold their wedding without any complications or setbacks.

I see couples that are more committed than ever and eager to hold their seaside dream wedding. I have seen how guest lists have become more and more exclusive, and that couples only wish to have their nearest and dearest by their side.  They are looking for more relaxed open air settings.

At Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort, we make sure your wedding day is unforgettable. We offer sea side lawns, incredible terraces, or spectacular beaches for those who prefer subtle contact with the sand hugging the Sea of Cortez.  Our open spaces are enhanced by the sea breeze, allowing you to breath in the fresh air, with the confidence that we are constantly caring for your safety.

I, as a Wedding Planner, put myself in couples’ shoes and provide the level of attention I would like to receive. Often, couples aren’t certain as to what they’d like for their big day, but that is where we industry professionals come in. We must transmit both a sense of calm and have a variety of ideas prepared to share.

Because love is, and always will be, life’s most cherished feeling.

Malena Sanchez
Wedding planner at Las Palomas Beach And Golf Resort.

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Delicious dishes straight from the sea!

Imagine sitting down at a restaurant in a welcoming tourist destination, filled with expectations to savor deliciousness. The dish you choose is prepared with fresh seafood recently pulled from the sea.

This is more than possible in Rocky Point, a privileged spot surrounded by the Sea of Cortez, where the fresh fare and nutrients go straight from the sea to your palate.

There are several restaurants across the city that focus their cuisine around the fresh catch of the day. These culinary spots transform fresh product into dishes cooked in rich oils, steamed, grilled, or with lime. There are even heads of restaurants who themselves go out to fish, bringing freshly caught product back to their kitchens.  What an enriching experience, behind the great service, that diners should try out as a way to enjoy your food even more!

Some of the wide variety of species you can catch in this area, using some of the most traditional techniques, include spotted sand bass, grouper, flounder, mackerel, and triggerfish. You can choose to savor these through various preparations, including marinated and grilled, with toasted garlic, steamed vegetables, fish tacos, or in fresh seafood cocktails, just to mention a few.

Don’t forget to visit an oyster farm, where you can observe how the oysters are extracted from the estuaries and opened right in front of your eyes!  Tasting the fresh oysters straight out of the shell is the true illustration of from the sea to your palate! 

We could list endless products recently pulled from the sea. This includes shrimp from the region which, given its quality and size, is the jewel of the Sea of Cortez! Plus, don’t forget clams, scallops, tuna, octopus, and many more you can spot in your favorite dish.

To round out our recommendations, here are just a few of the restaurants that promote the use of freshly caught seafood. Much of this is acquired through local fisheries, renowned for their quality and assurance that products meet strict standards.

Pane e Vino.

This restaurant offers one of the best views over the city and, along with specialties of pastas and Italian fare, prepares fresh fish daily – and frequently even a special Fish of the Day.

Tekila Bar and BooBar.

These spots located in the malecón are known for their fresh fish, frequently caught by the establishment themselves that day and prepared to the delight of diners.

Fire Pit Meat and Grill.

This exquisite restaurant located inside Hotel Peñasco del Sol maintains strict quality control of all their seafood and steak products, which are prepared meticulously on the grill, ensuring guaranteed deliciousness in every dish.

Al Capone’s Seafood & Pizzeria. 

A popular restaurant offering the utmost quality in seafood, including some of the best pizzas in the city!


This restaurant located at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort provides a menu filled with exclusive products, including aquaculture raised totoaba for the most distinguished tastes, as well as other exquisitely prepared fresh seafood.

Be sure to check out additional restaurants that, due to their quality dishes and excellent service, are recognized on TripAdvisor and across social media, such as: Blue Marlin, Los Martínez, Mare Blue Ristorante, Friendly Dolphin, The Point, Restaurante de Ramon at Sonoran Sea, Mary´s Seafood, Casa del Capitán, Infusión del Golfo, and Cielito Lindo, among others.  These spots, and many more, offer the freshest in seafood and great attention and care for your next visit to Rocky Point.

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Summer activities by sky, land, and sea in Rocky Point

If you’ve already planned your trip to Rocky Point, there are endless activities that await.  From the simple joy offered by sitting in the sand and contemplating the quiet peace of the sea to the thrill of adrenaline filled moments, there’s a lot to do and for all tastes.

From the moment you arrive as a welcome visitor, simply going through the city streets and seeing the beach, plazas, and businesses in the distance, along with people looking to have a good time, is enough to shift your mindset because you know it’s time to just enjoy.

The simple act of sitting in the sand on the beach while gazing at the blue of the Sea of Cortez is already a breath of fresh air for those looking to relax, whether traveling with friends or family.

Out at sea you can further indulge yourself by renting a jetski, hop on one of the classic banana boats, or simply swim in Rocky Point’s warm waters.

Reserving a spot and boarding one of the local tour boats is certainly an adventure you can’t miss out on this Summer. From the vantage point of a boat tour, you’ll be able to take in the immensity of the coastline and possibly even spot dolphins frolicking alongside.  Trips are enhanced with music, drinks, and snacks offered throughout day or sunset tours. You’ll definitely want to capture plenty of images as keepsakes.

If speed is more your style, don’t hesitate to rent a four-wheeler or ATV for a trip through the dunes and other permitted spots.  Feel the air against your face, and the rush of adrenalin when bouncing over streets and the sand.  Be sure to wear your helmet and follow safety guidelines.

If you’re really interested in sailing through the air, how about a trip on an ultralight?  Break through the wind from this colorful contraption, which offers one of the best views from several meters up.  Ultralights, which can be rented from along Sandy Beach, will take you along the coastline so you can feel the wind in your face and the thrill of flying for a few yet intense minutes.

Photo: Marco Guerrero

Another way to have fun in the sky is parasailing!  Flying through the air, while pulled at full speed behind a boat, you’ll feel like you’re parachuting free fall toward the sea. Plus, you can go tandem and watch each other’s expressions filled with adrenalin and excitement. Check local companies that offer parasailing in Puerto Peñasco.

Photo: Marco Guerrero

Visit the oyster farms and enjoy the offerings directly from the sea to your palate. In the estuaries you can see how the oysters are pulled out and prepared fresh so you can sample.  The oyster farms are about 7 kilometers east of Puerto Peñasco, along the highway towards Caborca.  Dirt roads lead the way to these spots, which are surrounded by dunes and walls of sand.


Another activity you can explore this summer, though only really early in the morning, is a trip to the dunes for sandboarding.  Ask about guides dedicated to sandboarding, where the only thing you need is guts and to hop on a board so you can glide down a dune at full speed.

Marian Krawstor

The Schuk Toak Museum built in the middle of the desert is also a spot you should visit.  The sustainable building, located just kilometers outside Puerto Peñasco, runs off solar panels and offers interactive content about the Pinacate Reserve, its history, craters, as well as its flora and fauna.  In addition, interactive trails provide a front row to the desert lava.

These are just some of the recommendations for things to do in this port destination. Your fun can be found in the peace and calm of your own hotel room or resort, spending an afternoon in a pool, or catching live music at a restaurant or bar.

What’s important for your stay in Rocky Point is that you enjoy every morning, every afternoon, and every evening in safety and comfort. Make your way to this beach destination and the city will be sure to captivate you with all it has to offer.

Reserve your dream vacation now at this link: STAY

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Schuk Toak Visitors Center

Nestled in the middle of the Pinacate Reserve and Sonoran Desert is the Schuk Toak Museum and Visitors Center, just kilometers outside Puerto Peñasco.

A trip to this completely sustainable building is a great option if you’d like to learn more about the biodiversity of the Pinacate Reserve and Greater Desert of Altar, even if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to enter the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve.

The eco-friendly building works off solar panels and houses a museum with interactive screens so that visitors can learn about the volcanic shield of the Pinacate and the tremendous biodiversity in the Greater Desert of Altar, considered one of the largest deserts in the world.

At the site, located at kilometer 72 along the Puerto Peñasco-Sonoyta highway, you’ll also find interpretive walks. Or rather, along the trails you will come across basic brief information concerning the biology and geology found within this majestic area, as well as see some of the desert fauna.

The Schuk Toak Visitors Center also has an audiovisual hall, which projects videos focused on topics encompassing the desert, history, and the Tohono O’odham culture, among others. There are also several rooms and a souvenir shop so you can take home a memory from your visit.

Looking out from the patio of the Visitors Center, you’ll be able to take in the grandeur of the shifting desert dunes, as well as the peak of the Pinacate range surrounding part of the building. The building itself is built upon one of the most extensive lava flows in the area, dating at least 12,000 years back.

The Schuk Toak Museum is open Thursday-Sunday during Summer, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

There is a symbolic entry of 30 pesos for local visitors, and 60 pesos for national or international guests.

The Schuk Toak Museum and Visitors Center is a must when planning to come to Puerto Peñasco. Add this to your travel itinerary as one of the interesting spots to see.

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Visit the Schuk Toak visitor center and museum

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Top spots to take in Rocky Point sunsets!

Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) is a spot privileged with outstanding nature. Examples of this are the spectacular sunsets that embellish the sky in warm tones, which is an experience you must catch if you visit our corner of the Sea of ​​Cortez.

It’s possible to appreciate the outstanding sunsets from wherever you may be in the city, given the brilliant colors can be spotted from just about anywhere. However, there are sites where you can get a better view and enjoy an unforgettable sunset, and of course capture images of this natural spectacle.

The most visited spot where people stop to wait for the sun’s last few minutes is the Malecón. The wide panorama allows you to observe how the sun hides under the horizon, and even seems to be submerging into the sea. Sunset viewing from the Malecón can also include spotting boats in the distance, plus there are telescopes pointing out so you can view the sunset in even greater detail.

Catching the sunset from a boat is also impressive! Just imagine being able to see head on how the sun sets in the evening, leaving a melting pot of warm orange tones accompanied by the sea breeze, some dolphins, endemic birds, and the mood on any local cruise or fishing boat. In Puerto Peñasco, various tour operators offer trips exclusively to view the wonderful sunsets. Just reserve your space, and be sure to take your camera or cell phone to capture the moment.

Now, imagine watching the sunset from the terrace of a high resort! From these heights you will be able to appreciate how the sun disappears amidst the blue waters, and how it disappears into the west as night falls. From the comfort of your own reserved space, you will have the chance to witness the difference in tones beginning from sunrise and then again as the sun paints the sky a pink color as it departs. You can also go up to restaurants on Whale Hill, such as Casa del Capitán or Pane e Vino, that offer a spectacular vantage point for sunset watching!

The beach is always a special place to view Puerto Peñasco sunsets. From your own personal front row in the sand, you will have the opportunity to take in all the details of a sunset. With the waves and sound of the birds in the background, you can say goodbye to the sun and all its colors, and of course play with your camera and the silhouettes framed against the radiance.

You can choose to go to Playa Hermosa, which is the busiest beach, Playa Encanto, Mi Playa, Las Conchas, La Cholla, or any area of ​​Sandy Beach from where you are sure to enjoy the sun’s farewell.

The pier is another fascinating place to see how the orange sun hides between the horizon and passing boats, offering a perfect setting for the best classic fishing port photographs. This is an iconic place to visit when you come to Puerto Peñasco.

These are just some ideas on how to further enjoy the fabulous sunsets offered in this corner of the Sea of ​​Cortez. These sunsets have been captured hundreds of times in the best photographs, and in images that have been taken to the big screen, but above all, these sunsets linger in the memories of those who visit us.

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All you need to know about visiting El Pinacate Reserve

This majestic and ancestral site, located just a few miles outside Puerto Peñasco, is a must if you are planning on visiting this nook of Sonora.

El Pinacate Reserve is made up of hundreds of craters, a sea of dunes that is actually the longest extension of dunes in North America, and the Sonoran desert mountain range. It has spots you can get to thanks to special routes designed for vehicles, or you can also join a tour and other expeditions that will take you straight to the heart of Reserve where you will be able to camp and have your very own special encounter with nature.

Currently, entry into the crater area is located at kilometer 51 on the Sonoyta – San Luis highway, providing easy access on a dirt road leading to the area known as El Tecolote, El Elegante crater, and El Colorado hill.

Plus, along the way, you can stop to photograph signatures etched in stone believed to have been left by Apollo astronauts, who left their mark during training practices at the Reserve before venturing to the moon.

Though El Pinacate is a protected site, this unique, bio-diverse location, which has even been named a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is open to visitors so they may get to know one of the most sacred and historically rich places in the entire Sonoran desert.

To visit the Pinacate, there are also special tours offering services, including: Sierra Tours and Ecoturismo Caborca. These specially designed trips to El Pinacate include activities such as visiting the sand dunes, camping, and even up to week-long caravans. These companies also provide for special groups that prefer the “glamping” experience, offering cooks, tour guides, and highly trained staff.

The crater area can be visited by families, or small groups, by car (4×4’s are preferred). It is important to consider taking needed provisions, such as water, sun block, comfortable clothing and foot wear, as well as a camera for those special moments. 

We highly recommend you visit El Pinacate with someone who knows and is familiar with the area. It is further recommended you visit during the day before 5 p.m., to ensure good visibility and appropriate safety.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about tours or regulations, we’ve provided below phone numbers and web links for tour companies.  This includes the “Schuk Toak” visitors center, a modern geographical museum complete with interactive screens providing information on the volcanic shield that makes up El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve.


If you are already in Puerto Peñasco and want to visit El Pinacate, here are tour companies located in town:

Sierra Tours (Ruta del Oeste Reserva de la Biosfera / Gran Desierto de Altar) 638 388 7315 en Peñasco / (520) 288 95 80, en Arizona.
Claudia Pinacate: 637 110 25 07
Israel Nava de Ecoturismo Caborca 637 104 58 87 
EcoFun Rentals: 638 388 9699 US 602 635 3736 


Whether you live in any part of Mexico, or even outside the country, contact the following providers. They will be able to provide you with information on their tours, and even recommend the best route for you to take so you can reach our destination and experience a unique adventure.

Turismo Taruk 662 100 0166
Sonora en Marcha Tours
Alma Tours
Passport Travel

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Relishing Spring Break in all its splendor!

Rocky Point welcomes visitors with open doors, and health protocols in place to make sure we all care for each other. Not to worry, to reduce the feeling of confinement, we’ve got plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy!

Just being in front of the sea, while soaking up the sun and sea breeze, is enough to wipe away daily routines and bask in your vacation by taking advantage of all the low-risk outdoor activities during this ongoing pandemic.

Rocky Point offers a variety of spots to visit. One option for adventurers and those who love nature is camping in certain areas. You can relax with friends or family under the serene night sky, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Take advantage of our location and plan a road trip along the Safety Corridor. Gather up your camping gear as adventure awaits!

Fotografía de Sonora en Marcha @sonora_en_marcha

You may choose to stay in a tent at the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve where you can hike along specific routes, such as those at the Schuk Toak museum, or take in the variety of majestic craters. By night, take a front row to observe the spectacular constellations and millions of stars!

Fotografía de Passport Travel @passporttravel_

If an RV rather than a tent is more your style, there are several RV parks across the city to ensure a pleasant and fun-filled stay. Some of these are beach front, allowing the sound of the waves and seagulls to be the first thing you hear each morning. This option will provide you a connection to nature along with proximity to the port. You’ll be just minutes away from restaurants, bars, and of course the Malecon.

To top-off your trip, you can venture out with local experts to the highest dunes to experience the extreme thrill of sandboarding. Or how about hopping over to the zipline located on the road to Cholla Bay? This is an experience you surely won’t forget, as from up high you can see how the desert merges with the sea. You’ll take home treasured memories of the surrounding landscape.

You can also bring your own bike if you wish. Ask about the best mountain biking trails, as well as for already established cycling groups. Or, take advantage of biking around town to explore quaint spots, discover new restaurants, and of course stop for souvenirs.

Fotografía de Sonora en Marcha @sonora_en_marcha

The best land, air, and sea activities are in Rocky Point!
Come and feel nature, come and feel Rocky Point!

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Must try street food culinary surprises in Rocky Point!

One of the pleasures that enriches any traveler’s experience is undoubtedly the food. When picking a destination, we’ve all contemplated on our list of things to do that of tasting the best of local dishes.  While we’ve shared with you some of the best culinary spots in Rocky Point, and you’re already familiar with some of our chefs, we can’t forget there are times when street food can surprisingly delight!  We’d like to share some of these unbelievable options for your next visit to Rocky Point:

  1. Piña Colada en su piña:  Let’s start with something simple, a drink that is synonymous with beach and fun. Yes, Piña Coladas! If you’ve visited Rocky Point before, you’ve certainly come across this quaint Piña Colada truck whose owner is always ready with a smile for all passing along the street. The flavorful taste and quality are a product of years of experience. This is a must stop when roaming along the infamous Calle 13.
  1. Mariscos El Barrilito seafood:  Continuing along Calle 13, another can’t miss spot is Mariscos El Barrilito. Here you’ll find a heaping load of seafood flavors done up traditionally, including tostadas and cocktails, more relaxed offerings served in coconuts, or snack fries that can surely lift anyone’s spirits.
  1. Lobsters & Smoked Ribs: How about a bit of a surprise, which you possibly didn’t even know existed in Rocky Point. That’s right, lobsters and smoked ribs! This fun spot offers an extensive menu that is sure to delight any palate. Here you can find lobster, ribs, prime cuts, wings, hamburgers, seasonal specials, and much more!  Treat yourself and stop by this hidden treasure; you won’t be disappointed. 
  1. Tacos El Carrito:  There’s a saying in Mexico, “Al que madruga, Dios le ayuda” (God helps the one that rises early…or rather “The early bird catches the worm”).  This undoubtedly applies if you want to try out a delicious breakfast option in town. Tacos El Carrito is run by a family showcasing their delicious Jalisco flavors. You’ll find traditional tacos de guisado, tortas, weekly specials, and desserts.  You’ll be warmly welcomed here, and they are sure to make you feel right at home.
  1. Churros y Elotes Peñasco: For that small craving around midday, whether you’re in the mood for something salty or sweet, this sidewalk stand serves up everyone’s favorites. A local institution for years, here you’ll find traditional churros, elotes (corn on the cob), nachos with cheese, and much more! While these snacks may not be out of this world and already familiar to many, they are undoubtedly a must have for a pleasant evening with friends or family.

So, how about these options? Rocky Point has something for everyone!

Come and feel Rocky Point!

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Disconnect from routine and refresh your mind and body at the beach

Hitting pause on the daily routine to recharge one’s energy is something that should be on everyone’s self-care list. If there’s a “must do” way of recharging, that’s getting close to nature!

The privilege of standing in front of the immense sea, feeling the sand between your toes, and taking in the wonderful sunsets as cool breezes caress your face, are just some of the tiny luxuries that will help you experience Rocky Point to the fullest.

As Spring nears, so does vacation season!  We recommend you plan a break to our beaches and take advantage of all our city has to offer. You’ll find plenty to do in Rocky Point! 

Start off by choosing a hotel or resort, wherever you feel most comfortable, while making sure you get the best customer service and that all COVID-19 safety measures are being followed. You can review our list of certified properties at the “Where to stay page”.

From this list you can select from a single hotel room to a complete rental home, and even a spot at a spacious resort. Or, if you prefer, why not plan a camping trip? In Rocky Point the choices are endless for all tastes, preferences, and budgets, whether visiting with your partner, family, group of friend, or even by yourself!

What’s there to do in Rocky Point this Spring?

Our little paradise offers endless activities to explore! From fun in the air to thrills at sea, adventure across the dunes of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve to traditional popular sites in town, welcoming hotels to fine dining, it all depends on your personal preference.

If you are traveling with friends, there are some “must dos”, such as visiting the open air bars in the Malecon, booking a sunset cruise, renting ATV’s and hitting the dunes, a trip to the oyster farms, sandboarding, ziplining, or even flying over the beach on an Ultralight!

If traveling with the entire family, you can hit the outdoors and plan a weekend of building sandcastles or flying kites on the beach. Go whale watching, visit the Shuck Toak museum, take a stroll down “Rodeo Drive”, or savor in the culinary offerings in our port and treat yourself to a rich dessert.

Rocky Point continues to offer more and more activities and services to ensure you have a great stay! Though times are different, taking a moment for vacation shouldn’t be risky. Just design a plan and look for the safest and most thrilling forms of fun for you, your family, and friends.

Let yourself really feel Rocky Point. Disconnect from routine. Recharge your energy along our beaches and make unforgettable vacation memories.  You don’t need much, just imagine, inquire, plan, and book now. Rocky Point awaits!

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Rocky Point’s sea isn’t just to admire from shore

Planning a trip to Rocky Point conjures up the beach, sea, sand, and all the fun to be had in the water! Along with the tremendous biodiversity of sea life, you’ll find plenty of options to ensure a deluxe vacation in this heavenly corner of the Sea of Cortez.

We’d like to share some of the top aquatic activities you’ll come across in Rocky Point. Any of these adventures will transform your day into an unequaled experience, which only our port’s nature can offer.

Let’s start with boat tours so you can cruise and possibly come across giant whales or playful dolphins. You can also sail out to Isla San Jorge, popularly known as Bird Island, for a close encounter with one of the largest populations of sea lions in Mexico, along with migratory birds. Or, perhaps take advantage of an evening cruise to relish a spectacular sunset.

For those who like to feel the sea up close, there are banana boats or jetskis, services which can be found along public beaches or near area resorts.  Whether solo, tandem, or in a group, we recommend you look for these rides from beaches offering guaranteed service and care.  They’ll be sure to fit you with a life jacket and help you up on the jetski or banana so you can enjoy the adrenaline that only the combination of sea and speed can provide.

If you’re more into calm, taking in the ebb and flow of the tides at your own rhythm, then maybe kayaks or paddleboards are more up your alley. Enjoy a leisurely float across the water, alone or with a partner, guided by your paddles.  Just check for services offered at several resorts, and in town. Some may also have water-bikes available so you can get your exercise in as you skirt across the sea.

Are you into adrenaline and exploring the depths?  In Rocky Point you’ll find companies that offer both snorkeling and scuba diving, along with highly trained staff.  If you’re already an expert, you’re sure to be familiar with safety protocols. Yet, if you’re interested in learning, classes are also available.

Want to go fishing? Rocky Point is outstanding as there are various companies dedicated to organizing trips for fishing aficionados. Organized for small groups, these fishing trips offer the chance to test your skills to reel in one of the many species found in the Sea of Cortez.  If you’re lucky enough for a big catch, the boat crew can help prepare it and cook it right there or you can take it home to share with others.

In addition to all these options in our sea port, which is continually making strides to strengthen inclusion, certain beaches now offer special amphibious wheelchairs to provide safe access to the sea for all.  Plus, one of the prestigious resorts in town has special pathways to facilitate additional accessibility to the sea for those in wheelchairs. This same resort also has a special chair to assist pool entry for people with disabilities.

There’s unlimited fun to be found on Rocky Point’s beaches! You’ll be catered to by trained staff and tour operators that have been certified by experts of the Ministry of Tourism and specialized instructors.

Come and feel the adrenaline of the sea! Come and feel Rocky Point! 

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Imagine spotting majestic whales from just a short distance away! This is a privilege you can enjoy along Rocky Point’s coasts!

Witnessing the surfacing and acrobatics of these giants of the sea is an exciting energetic experience! This gift from nature and the Sea of Cortez can be shared by all who have the opportunity to visit Rocky Point during winter, which is precisely when whales visit our warmer coasts.

These magnificent marine species, the largest on the planet, make their way to our shores in search of warm waters to bear their calves, mate, and to feed on the abundance provided by the Gulf of California.

Whale sightings are such a unique and unforgettable experience, that each year tourists make a special trip to Rocky Point just for the chance to come across one of these magnificent species. The whales in turn seem to show off at times with their dives and breaching.

Thanks to this wonder of nature, spotted over consecutive years in Rocky Point, we are the only spot in Sonora authorized by the federal SEMARNAT (Ministry of the Environment and Natural resources) for whale watching activities.  This has made it mandatory for all tourist boats to undergo training and certification to ensure the protection and care of the whales. Or rather, in addition to being an amazing natural spectacle, this is a conscientious, controlled, and regulated activity.

Fin whales, currently one of the largest marine species on the planet, are among those most commonly seen in this corner of the Sea of Cortez.  Humpback and grey whales also frequently make an appearance, all of which make their way to our waters after departing the Alaskan coasts.

Seize the opportunity to hop aboard a whale watching excursion! The experience is filled with adrenaline as you await a sighting of the majestic creatures, which can appear from any side of the boat. So, be sure to keep your camera or cell-phone ready to capture the moment!

Whales can be spotted from a distance when they first surface and let out a huge burst of air. This allows boats to gauge what direction to head, while approaching from a safe distance and eventually turning off their engines as they near.

The moment when a whale, and sometimes its offspring, is spotted is so moving that no one can help but express their joy through shouts and a variety of exclamations! While some prefer to try and capture the moment with their cameras, others would rather not miss a single detail by taking it all in with their own eyes.

Whale watching season in Rocky Point is from January to April, with cruises going out daily in search of a “close encounter”, while adhering to safety and sanitary protocols. 

Don’t miss out on this unique experience! Be sure to reserve a spot on one of the many special tours, offering prices for both children and adults.

If you are interested in getting more information, don’t hesitate in contacting our CERTIFIED TOUR OPERATORS

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Make Valentine’s Day memories at the Beach

Did you know that February 14th, Valentine’s Day, was established as a day to celebrate love and friendship in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome? This patron saint of lovers, a.k.a. “Cupid”, would risk his life in order to unite young couples in marriage!

The international day of love and friendship is right around the corner, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate. In Puerto Peñasco, we’ve got a little something for everyone’s taste. Anything you may need to celebrate such an important day with the person you love, or together with friends, can definitely be found here.

We can’t forget we are living in times of a pandemic, or the need to adapt to this new reality, so we continue to respect health measures such as keeping a safe distance whenever around others.

Even so, our SAFE POINT travel destination still has many great deals and options from which to choose so you can make this Valentine’s Day special and unforgettable! Puerto Peñasco’s restaurants, resorts, and the entire tourism sector is readying a variety of possibilities so you can delight your Valentine however you choose!

Let us help make your decision a little easier with our TOP 5 romantic activities to do in Puerto Peñasco. These, along with your own creativity, will surely make the day magical!

1. PICNIC:  Take advantage of our spectacular natural backdrop, the Sea of Cortez! Set up a romantic picnic on the beach and surprise your favorite person with a special gift. Service providers and planners can help magically put together your favorite dishes, flowers, chocolates, and any other romantic detail you’d need for a truly unforgettable evening.

2. DINNER FOR TWO: Dining at a restaurant within a resort will lift your date to another level of elegance. Several chefs across the city are preparing special Valentine’s dinner courses that are sure to impress. Some specials even include live music. Be sure to reserve in advance so you don’t miss out!

3. SPA DATE: Visiting a Spa as a couple can be the most romantic way to escape routine and connect with your significant other. Pamper each other with relaxing massages, facials, aromatherapy, and even a glass of wine, just to mention a few services these relaxation centers offer.

4. SUNSET CRUISE: If outdoor activities are more your style, Puerto Peñasco’s famous sunset cruises are the perfect option. What could be more romantic than the ambiance of a sunset out at sea? As an added plus, we are officially in whale and dolphin sighting season! 

Ask your favorite certified tour operator for the best times to appreciate sightings, which is indeed a truly unforgettable experience.

5. DREAM PROPOSAL: Ok, this option is for those who are really serious. Coming to Rocky Point with the love of your life, and not taking advantage of the surrounding natural beauty to pronounce your love, would be a lost opportunity.  Whether planning something intimate, just for two, or something BIG to make your proposal of love public, our wedding organizers and specialists will help with every detail for your dream proposal.

So, how about these options? 

As the Convention and Visitors Bureau, we are delighted to share all that Puerto Peñasco has to offer.

Come and feel the love, come and feel Puerto Peñasco!

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“SAFE POINT” is Puerto Peñasco’s guarantee that you will always find a healthy & safe place to stay.

As the main developing tourist destination in Northwestern Mexico, far from dropping its guard, Puerto Peñasco acted quickly in response to these complicated times caused by the global pandemic. This helped ensure the entire tourism sector could continue working under strict health and safety guidelines, and guarantees you are able to travel and relax in a safe destination, a SAFE POINT.

What does this mean?

This means that for Puerto Peñasco to reopen to visitors, hotels, restaurants, and other tourism service providers made a strong commitment to meet the needs and conditions of those vacationing here. This helped minimize any risk of Covid-19 spread among them, their employees, and the community.

This translated into extraordinary efforts from all hotel, motel, resort, and restaurant personnel, who prepared accordingly to obtain “SAFE POINT” certification.

Certification means that businesses had to establish strict cleaning protocols, including: cleaning and disinfecting of rooms and pools, and any surface with frequent human contact, social distancing measures within their facilities, reminders as to ongoing use of antibacterial gel, politely reminding guests to wear face masks, use of thermal cameras, and even taking the temperature of every employee and visitor.

Living during times of a pandemic does not mean moving around carelessly, but rather implies we need to be responsible in caring for our health and that of our families, and exercising the utmost caution in where we visit.  Here in Puerto Peñasco, we make sure to comply with everything you need to feel safe. 

Our tourist destination is a privileged spot for activities such as camping, ATVs, jet-skiing, sports fishing, zip lining, and ecotourism, just to mention a few of the outdoor activities you can take in without being in a crowd.

Another point in our favor is the “Safety Corridor”, allowing you to take advantage of this road-trip destination, as you can easily get here in just a few hours from the comfort of your own car.

Established in March 2018, the “Safety Corridor” covers the highway from the border at Lukeville, Arizona, all the way to Puerto Peñasco, ensuring that travelers enjoy a safe trip. Telephones along the route can be used for assistance in case of emergency, and highway signage provides information as to places to visit and activities to enjoy during your stay in Puerto Peñasco. 

Being a “SAFE POINT” destination means adapting to the needs of the current pandemic. 2021 will see ongoing implementation of strict health and safety measures, as well as restricted hours on general movement, both across the city as well as area beaches.
Get to know all of the city’s protocols and view the list of places that have obtained their “Safe Point” certification HERE

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Puerto Peñasco’s tides are a unique spectacle

Those who have just visited our port for the first time are most certainly struck by our tide phenomena, having the opportunity to see how the tides come in to cover the beaches and then retreat to a far distance. This natural marvel occurs in the Upper Gulf of California from Puerto Peñasco and San Felipe up to the Rio Colorado Delta, which possesses one of the most extreme tide ranges in the world.

The drastic tide changes in the region occur when the tide enters into the narrow strip of the Upper Gulf, causing the sea to rise to a high level. As the tide goes down, the water begins to filter out, much like the way of water rising and falling in a bathtub. This type of movement occurs where shallow bays exist, such as Bay of Fundy in Canada, and of course here along our beaches in the Upper Gulf where two high and two low tides can be registered in a single day.

Tides are the result of many factors occurring at the same time, the most important of these being the gravitational forces of the sun and moon to the earth, and the centrifugal force of the earth’s rotation. The biggest tide changes, often called “live tides” (or high tides), take place approximately every fifteen days both during a new moon and the full moon when the sun, moon and earth align. When the moon and sun are not in alignment “flat tides” exist both in the morning and evening.

The extreme tidal movement in the Upper Gulf of California guides the movement of water near the coast, and also influences the migration and feeding patterns of sea mammals, birds, and fish. It also directs activities of fishermen as the tides determine when, where, and how they can fish. In essence, the tides dictate any activity for beach visitors in the Upper Gulf, who are subject to its ebb and flow.

It is interesting to discover how in this small corner along the coast of Puerto Peñasco the tides can retreat to far distances and then return to cover the beaches. You can witness this first hand, though it’s important not to leave your sandals on the beach as the tides will not bring them back!

Por Azucena Mazón
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Pink Gold from the Sea of Cortez

Delving into the heart of the Gulf of California in search of shrimp was one of the main activities leading to Puerto Peñasco’s origins. Shrimp has become an iconic figure due to the growth it permitted the city.

This particular region is privileged given the natural wealth and biodiversity of the Sea of Cortez, as well as proximity to natural shrimp banks. Shrimp from this area is highly sought after in international markets, and is a staple for seafood dishes whether that be aguachile, ceviche, soup, salad, breaded, sautéed in garlic, grilled, or as the centerpiece of the traditional Carlos V plate, among others.

Shrimp caught in the Gulf of California is actually a point of reference across the globe due to its quality and the sizes it can reach. Fishermen in this area catch blue, brown, and white shrimp, the latter of which has been popular for export, such as in the 1950’s to Japan, and particularly to the United States. 

There are currently close to 70 deep sea boats, and over 200 coastal (smaller) vessels that sail out each year in search of the “Pink Gold,” bringing in large yields that are then marketed across the country.

So, just in case you’ve ever wondered about the significance of the “Shrimp Fisherman” statue in the malecón, the origin of Shrimp Plaza, or the large crustacean that appears as the city’s emblem, now you know! 

In addition to being a strong tourism destination, Puerto Peñasco is a privileged spot situated on the Sea of Cortez that has given so much to fishermen over the years, providing the backbone to the city’s beginnings. 

If you ever get the chance to taste our delicious shrimp, which by the way are high in protein and low in fat, you will have the honor of savoring one of the many delicacies the Sea of Cortez provides.

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What to do in Puerto Peñasco during the winter?

Winter is almost here, with its warm days and chilly nights, that can be advantageous for many activities around the city or on the beach.

Thinking the sand and beach are only for summer visits would be a mistake, as there are several activities you can do during the winter season. There are even air, land, and sea activities that are best done when it’s a little bit cooler!

We would like to share some of the things you can do, and places you can visit, during the season so you can enjoy all that Puerto Peñasco has to offer during this pleasant weather.

Sand Boarding down the sand dunes

Our tourist destination situated in the middle of the desert is surrounded by spectacular dunes! You can glide down many of these, especially when the weather is cool, while getting the adrenaline rush this extreme sport offers. Check out the experts, such as the Puerto Peñasco Sandboarding crew, who rent out boards and can instruct you on proper use.

Enjoy the sea on a boat ride

Boat rides are your direct ticket to enjoying the Sea of Cortez, its sunsets, and bright sunrises. What’s even better is this can be done at any time of the year! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to board a tourist boat and enjoy an unforgettable morning or afternoon. Just don’t forget to take a good jacket and a camera. You never know what the sea has in store for you.

Visit the Shuck Toak museum

If you prefer a more relaxed family activity, but not less interesting, you can always plan a trip out to the Schuk Toak Museum & Visitors Center located just 24 kilometers north of Puerto Peñasco, on the Peñasco-Sonoyta highway. There you will encounter an impressive museum with interactive screens and interpretive trails. The main building, which is completely solar powered, is built in the middle of the desert atop a large fossilized lava flow.

ATVs and RZRs

Experiment the adrenaline of riding over the dunes on ATVs or RZRs. There are many places where you can easily rent these vehicles hourly, which can be used on sandy roads, dunes, and even some parts of the city. This is guaranteed fun at any time of the year! You can ride alone or with someone else, just remember to always wear a helmet!

Visit the oyster farms

Take advantage of the great weather to get away from the city to enjoy some delicious freshly sea harvested oysters, while taking in the amazing view of the estuaries and dunes. One of the popular oyster farms is “El Barco” (The Boat), serving the freshest seafood and of course their main dish: the oyster. And remember, all you need to go on your oyster is a little bit of lime and hot sauce.

Take a whale watching tour

Getting to see these giants of the Sea of Cortez is one of the most beautiful shows of nature this weather gives us. Whale watching season is from January through April, which is when whales coming from the Arctic visit our sea in search of warmer waters to mate or to give birth. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity of getting to see them with your own eyes, and the chance to capture the experience forever in a picture or video. Ask for more information about the different tourist boats offering seasonal whale watching trips.

Pamper yourself at a Spa

Why not take advantage of your stay in Peñasco and give yourself a little “me” time? When visiting a spa, you will be pampered with a relaxing massage done with essential oils and soft music in the background. Plus, if the day is sunny, you can even ask to receive your massage along some areas of the beach in the open air.

Take a ride down the Zip line

This extreme sport is for the brave who actually enjoy heights. This is fun from the get go as you are taken up Cholla Bay’s “Competition Hill” on an all-terrain vehicle until you reach the first platform. This particular zip line is one of the longest in Sonora, with 5 lines that allow you to take in the majestic scenery. The sea, rocks, and sand come together to frame a fantastic view of the city in the background. The zip line is located on the road to Cholla Bay, in the Sandy Beach area.

Go Biking

What better activity to enjoy these cool mornings than going for a bike ride? Picture yourself pedaling your way around while getting to know the city, or even some specific routes found around nearby mountains or stretches with little traffic. Be sure to use your protective gear.

Go camping so you can catch a meteor shower

Camping is fun for the whole family and great at breaking up routine. Plus, winter is a great time of year to go camping close to Puerto Peñasco. Ask at the Schuk Toak museum about any permitted days, as well as about upcoming meteor showers so you can organize a night outing and witness this amazing spectacle well away from the city lights.

Fly over the desert and the Sea of Cortez on an Ultralight

For those who love heights, this winter you can enjoy flying over the beach area or dunes on an Ultralight. You can find this service at the end of Sandy Beach, where an expert pilot will accompany you as you take in the best view of Puerto Peñasco.

Go Hiking

If what you’re after is peace and quiet and enjoying what nature has to offer, all you need is to take a walk down the beach or along dune trails. Venture out on your own, or with a friend, or even your beloved pet.  Early morning walks along the beach, with the sound of waves softly breaking and birds chirping, will surely recharge you with vitality. If you prefer taking dune trails, these will lead you toward spectacular landscapes.

Play golf at one of our 3 magnificent courses

Puerto Peñasco has three golf courses that are true treasures for golfers. Our courses, two of which are Jack Nicklaus signature courses, have received national and international recognition. You really don’t want to miss out on the amazing scenery as you enjoy a round with your friends on a course cutting right through the Desert of Altar. Plus, playing on one of our greens will allow you to say you have played on one of the top 20 best courses in the world. 

Enjoy the outdoor experience at “El Rancho de los Pavorreales” or Peacock Ranch

This weather is great for spending a day on one of the ranch’s hammocks, having a traditional cup of coffee, or enjoying one of the restaurant’s delicious regional dishes. Interacting with animals at the ranch, going horseback riding, feeding the rabbits and birds, and being impressed by the stunning peacocks are just some of the activities you can enjoy during your visit.

Visit La Salina

La Salina is located 97 kilometers up the Coastal highway between Puerto Peñasco and El Golfo.  With the wetlands of Adair Bay on one side and sand banks on the other, just to the south is the highest point of the Gulf of California. This land is also considered sacred by the Tohono O’odham Nation, who have traced “La Ruta de la Sal” (the salt route), an ancestral custom of walking across the area in what they called the salt walk.

Experience one of CEDO’s tours

The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans offers tours through natural areas we should all experience. Their guided tours to Bird Island, the Morua estuary, and walks through the dunes and tide pools will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Enjoy the high seas with a day of fishing

An interesting activity to explore is fishing, which is indeed what gave origin to Puerto Peñasco‘s first settlement. In this case, sports fishing is a more comfortable and pleasurable way of fishing.

So, don’t forget to bring a warm coat, blankets, camera, and lots of energy so you can explore and have fun with all the winter activities across Puerto Peñasco! Remember to always care for your health and that of your loved ones.

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10 Spectacular spots for a dream wedding in Puerto Peñasco

Have you ever thought of stepping out of convention to hold a destination wedding? If you don’t already know, Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) has become a premiere dream wedding destination for couples from across northwestern Mexico as well as the southwestern part of the U.S. 

Saying “I do” is one of the most important steps of your life. Lifelong decisions begin from that moment on. If you’re not sure how to plan for that special day, don’t worry, we’ve got top spots and wedding planners to help you make your wedding one of the most amazing experiences of your life!


One of the options most recommended by our event planners is to hold your gathering at one of the outstanding resorts in Rocky Point. All of these venues provide spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez, and their imposing structures showcase the contrast, providing a frame for wonderful wedding photos.  In addition, some of these resorts provide the option of holding your event outdoors in addition to ballrooms. A plus to choosing a resort is the comfort for your guests in having the event right where they’ll be staying. This way you can toast the night away without a care in the world.


Rocky Point is also home to prestigious internationally renowned golf courses, some of which have opened their amenities to ceremonies or receptions.  The combination of the beach and lakes, greens and the desert, will surely make your event unique. Your guests will be fascinated!


This port also offers several event options across the city. One of these, which is known for its spaciousness and variety of decor options is the Convention Center. This is an excellent choice, and a blank slate that lets you play around in a thousand ways.  This venue is recommended for events with a large number of guests.


Among the most popular spots, which has launched Rocky Point both nationally and internationally in the realm of romance, is of course the beach!  Our beaches showcase stunning sunsets and are always the perfect spot for weddings, from the simplest to the most elegant. The possibilities are endless! The sea breeze, lull of the waves, an inspirational sun, and even the ice cream vendor will bear witness to your special day.


If you’d like to hold your wedding on the beach, yet from the comfort of a private sea side home, Las Conchas is the ideal pick!  This beach is more secluded, due to the tides, and offers an extensive option of homes to choose from for your exclusive event. You and your guests will feel right at home.


Are you a traditional bride?  For Catholic ceremonies, the beautiful Sagrado Corazón de Jesús church is a wonderful recommendation. Known as the “Old Port church”, as it is located in the malecón, this is one of Rocky Point’s iconic churches, welcoming thousands of weddings over the decades.  Its spectacular structure and temple, filled with antique decoration, will make you fall in love all over again.


One of the most exclusive beaches in Rocky Point is Playa Encanto. The area’s desert dunes will make you feel like you’re in the Sahara, yet with a spectacular view of the sea.


Couples are looking more and more for exotic and original locations. Such is the case for weddings in the desert, with the moon and stars adorning the evening along with soft lights that envelope the entire romantic bohemian setting.  If this is the wedding you dream of, Rocky Point offers endless nooks to make your dream a reality.


Another spot that broadens romance options is the Schuk Toak Visitors Center and Museum.  This is an ideal location for adventurous couples wishing to hold their ceremony with the backdrop of lava pathways, desert flora, and an incredible surrounding landscape.  Many wedding planners dream about holding a ceremony at this spot.  Would you dare to be the first bride to do so?


Finally, yet equally important, how about an intimate outdoor wedding with the dune pathway setting a spectacular stage?  Located at the Schuk Toak Visitors Center museum at the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, this is an incredible spot that will certainly impress both you and your guests.  We can’t think of a more incredible setting for a “boho” style wedding!

Desert, beaches, simplicity and luxury. You can find it all in Rocky Point!

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Experience Mexico!

Celebrations commemorating the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution will be diverse and more family oriented this year. 

The Mexican Revolution was a watershed moment for the country. As a nation, we cannot let this important date go unobserved, and more so this year as we commemorate its 110th Anniversary.

While conditions are quite different across the country in 2020, celebrations are warranted. This can include taking advantage of the long weekend to visit Puerto Peñasco with your family, enjoying its beaches and special sites.

Various restaurants will certainly highlight delicious Mexican cuisine and traditional decor, while taking necessary measures to care for the health and safety of visitors and residents alike.

Another way to celebrate a truly Mexican evening is with a special dinner featuring various Mexican dishes, along with mariachi music, and accompanied by loved ones at one of Puerto Peñasco’s numerous resorts or hotels.

If you choose to stay in, you can also organize a Mexican fiesta with dinner and drinks at home, or with close family, to commemorate the Mexican holiday.

Puerto Peñasco will not be holding its traditional Mexican Revolution Day parade this year due to the health emergency. However, programs on social media featuring artistic and cultural presentations will include schools from across Puerto Peñasco. You can watch the performances from the comfort of your own home, and keep the patriotic spirit alive!

There are plenty of options to celebrate this important Mexican holiday this year. Just choose which is best for you and enjoy responsibly, while taking into account necessary measures for your own health and that of your loved ones.

There you have it, if your plans include fully taking advantage of the long weekend and excellent weather, Puerto Peñasco’s beaches, sunsets, hotels and resorts, hospitality, and of course its people are a wonderful option!

Don’t forget, Rocky Point misses you!

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As the weather cools, the beach beckons

There are those who say that September and October in Puerto Peñasco offer the best weather of the year, as showcased by cooler evenings and crisp sunrises.

So, if you didn’t get a chance to vacation this summer, it’s the perfect time to escape and enjoy the beach in all its wonder, lit up by beautiful sunsets in maroon tones that you can only see in Puerto Peñasco.

As Fall sets in, high temperatures gradually take their leave as fresh morning and afternoon breezes create the perfect atmosphere for walking on the beach, going out on a boat, savoring your favorite dish on a patio, or simply enjoying a refreshing moment beachfront on the Sea of Cortez.

If you stayed inside this summer because high temperatures aren’t really your thing, or for health reasons, September and October are the best months to go out and enjoy a more peaceful beach destination. In Puerto Peñasco you will find resorts, hotels, rental homes, and services that prioritize hygiene and safety, ensuring your vacations are the best. 

Take advantage of promotional packages offered by several resorts and hotels this season, and allow yourself to be pampered for a weekend.  Or, how about during the week, especially now that the times allow for us to work and study online?

Treat yourself to that gift you deserve, and enjoy a short vacation to the calm, peaceful sea.

Relish in cooler days, yet in a town filled with warmth, welcoming you to share the Sea of Cortez, its hotels and resorts and all it has to offer, but especially its wonderful people.

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Make plans to visit Puerto Peñasco!

You can now enjoy nearly all that Puerto Peñasco has to offer! Movement and activities in and around this tourism destination have gradually but surely come back, in accordance with established health protocols, so that you can enjoy the city while continuing to take care of yourself and others.

It’s commonplace to see movement along Puerto Peñasco’s streets and on our beaches, which are open so you can swim, take a ride on a banana, sunbathe, enjoy the sunset, or simply take a walk along the sand. There are still health filters at many of the access points to the main beaches, which also provide additional information for visitors.

If you’re in the mood to eat out at a restaurant, whether in the open air or inside, the majority of the city’s dining establishments are now providing regular service while following necessary health and social distancing measures, and of course are enthusiastic to serve you!

The city’s nightlife is also reactivating, offering opportunities to meet up with family or friends at one of the several restaurant/bars in the Mirador, along the stretch of resorts, on Calle 13, or in the Old Port where live music is beginning to flow along with a full bar selection accompanied with appetizers and special dishes. Restaurant/bars also follow strict health and hygiene regulations for the safety of all.

If your thing is enjoying the open air from an ATV or four-wheeler, jet ski, or banana ride, all of these services are once again available in our port, so you can rent a ride and cruise the dunes where permitted.

If you’d like to venture out into the Sea of Cortez, which you’ve undoubtedly missed during these months of seclusion, we gladly remind you that boat tours are indeed available. While boat capacity is reduced, the fun is not! Wouldn’t you like to escape and take in the fresh air from aboard a boat out at sea?

For the even more adventuresome, spaces and services have reopened to include the zipline, kayak excursions, sandboarding, and sports fishing. It’s just a question of contacting business owners to set up an appointment so you can fill your day with adrenalin!

We’d like to share just some of the activities that are once again available, while even more spots of interest are reopening their doors daily as they meet health guidelines to be able to receive visitors once again.

Hotels and resorts, as we’ve reported, continue operating under strict health and safety protocols in all areas in order to guarantee everyone a pleasant and secure stay.

The city’s doors are open, providing more fluid and easy access as work at the city health filters wrapped up operations on September 7th.

So, there’s no reason to put off your next trip to Puerto Peñasco, where nearly everything has come back to life in what is now the “new normal.” This doesn’t mean any less fun, though does emphasize taking care of yourself and your loved ones just as we care for those who visit.

Puerto Peñasco misses you!

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Puerto Peñasco’s resorts and beaches recognized worldwide

In this magical corner of the Sea of Cortez, in addition to finding yourself in a privileged spot given its beautiful beaches, sand dunes, and magnificent sunsets, you’ll also come across internationally recognized accommodation options.

Just imagine, in Puerto Peñasco you’ll have the opportunity to select a hotel or resort that given excellent levels of service, care offered by staff, and quality spaces has achieved international distinction. This undoubtedly translates into a guaranteed pleasant stay for you and your family.

These honors are not solely found in a document hanging on a wall of the distinguished property, but seen and felt from the time you are met upon your arrival, when peacefully entering your room, or when dining at the on-site restaurant, or at any of the sites that have been globally recognized.

What is noteworthy of these distinctions is they are not awarded solely by international associations, but rather by experienced travelers, guests and those who frequent hotels and resorts across the world.

Such is the case of the Four Diamond award recently awarded to Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort by the American Automobile Association (AAA).  This was achieved given the high standards of hospitality, quality, services, and luxury the resort has been able to maintain for years.

This recognition, given to only certain hotels and resorts across the globe, also encourages businesses to maintain and improve their service standards, which means additional benefits for guests in ensuring quality.

Among recognitions achieved by hotels in Puerto Peñasco is also the Traveler’s Choice Award. This unique distinction is granted based on the opinions and comments of travelers themselves. This year, among hundreds of resorts, Traveler’s Choice chose the Grand Mayan in Puerto Peñasco and Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort as some of the most popular lodging options in the world.

On top of that, despite the complicated times the world is going through due to the health pandemic, a stretch of beach in Puerto Peñasco’s Mirador area, specifically that in front of Manny’s restaurant/bar, has achieved international Blue Flag certification.  This is attained only after having met serious standards of cleanliness and safety.

The Blue Flag certification also obliges governmental, hotel, and ecology groups, along with residents and beach visitors, to keep the beach safe and clean.

This Blue Flag distinction joins Puerto Peñasco’s Sustainable Clean Beach recognition, which after two years continues to be the only certified sustainable beach in the state, encompassing a stretch extending along Sandy Beach in front of several hotels and resorts.

It is extremely important to pause and highlight the majority of Puerto Peñasco’s hotels, resorts, and lodging options have been certified to meet health and sanitary protocols as well as internal regulations that have been reinforced during the pandemic. This offers safety and security to the families that visit us.

These recent distinctions and certifications are only some of the recognitions achieved by hotels, resorts, and beaches in Puerto Peñasco.  We can’t forget to mention the Pinacate Reserve is also recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site.

A tourist destination recognized for its natural beauty, with a tremendous offering of hotels and internationally distinguished quality accommodations is what Puerto Peñasco has to offer, and something to really keep in mind when choosing your next vacation!

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Everything you need to know about Bioluminescence

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this amazing natural phenomenon, along with answers as shared by biologists from the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO)

Is it possible to predict if this will happen again in coming days?

This is not a predictable phenomenon; there is no way of knowing if it will happen again, or if there is really a season for it in Puerto Peñasco. A detailed study would need to be done to know if this always occurs during winter and if there is a specific area.

Is it toxic?

No, it is not toxic.

Is this a common occurrence for Puerto Peñasco?

This occurs in places where the sea water is particularly cold, or warm and has happened before in Puerto Peñasco.

What causes this phenomenon?

The presence of bioluminescent (meaning they emit their own light) plankton microorganisms that react with the movement of the waves.

What makes the water change colors?

It’s due to the dinoflagellates – they are named this way because of the waving motion of their two flagellates – the size of dust particles that light up every time the water is agitated around them. These are the usual causes for the sparkling light that can be seen sometimes when swimming or sailing at night.

Is this the first time it has happened in Puerto Peñasco?

No, this phenomenon has occurred here before, notably in winter. However, the bioluminescence this January was particularly intense.

Is it safe to enter the water in the presence of the bioluminescent bloom?

Yes, you can go in. There are no reports of any harm caused by it.

Can it damage my skin?

There is no record of skin damage caused by this phenomenon; however, if you have sensitive skin it is recommended you consult your doctor beforehand.

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Everything you need to know about whale watching

– Whale watching, which is a natural privilege offered along Puerto Peñasco’s coasts, was recently authorized by the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) under Official Mexican Law that establishes regulations for the practice of whale watching. 

– Whale watching most commonly takes place at the beginning of the year, and sightings can continue until April, sometimes sooner. Yet, whales in the area have appeared in November and departed before April, though this depends on temperatures.

– The route grey whales generally use to get here during the winter is basically a migratory line from the Bering Sea in Alaska, where they feed during the summer, arriving in the Sea of Cortez to give birth. After giving birth, the grey whales return north to start the process all over again, giving plenty of people the opportunity to spot them off the coasts of Baja California in Mexico, and California in the United States (Reference: El Kiosko)

– The types of whales that most frequent our coasts include Fin Whales, the second largest marine mammal in the world, and Humpback Whales, which tend to be more active and have more mobility. Dolphins can also be spotted during this time, which are usually found in groups swimming very close to our shores.

– Puerto Peñasco has several companies that offer cruises that allow tourists to approach and observe the Sea Giants, always respecting legal protocols of course.

Due to how long they have been active, Eco Fun and Del Mar Charters always stand out, but each year new tourist and private boats join in on the whale watching.

– If you ever get the chance to board one of these whale watching tours, we highly recommend you be equipped with a good camera and constantly alert, as they can show up when you least expect it.

– Keep in mind that even when in whale season, for many different reasons no cruise can guarantee actual whale sightings. 

Suggested protocols to ensure the protection of whales during whale watching trips:

The vessel must always move slower than the slowest whale in the group. In any event, the vessel must avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.

*What CAN’T you do when whale watching?

When whale watching DO NOT:

  • Harass or cause any kind of damage to the whales, this includes obstructing its course.
  • Provoke the whales to disperse.
  • Get between a mother-offspring couple, approach a couple of mating whales, or those giving birth.
  • Do any of the following activities: fishing, snorkeling, swimming, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, or use of any kind of flotation or submergible device. Banana boats and ultralights or helicopter rides for observation purposes are also prohibited.
  • Toss or dispose of any type of waste, including garbage, oils, and any fuel used in operating vessels.
  • Collect, capture, hunt, trap, or acquire any type of wild life or vegetation, bring in or transport any species from one community to another.
  • Bring any service animal on board, with the exception of seeing eye dogs
  • Feed the whales.
  • Tow any kind of object, ropes, lines, nets, hooks, or any other similar object.


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Christmas and New Year’s in Rocky Point!

Christmas is another very important day, reuniting families across the globe. The holiday spirit embraces the city with decorations and lights, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus.   The winter holidays are another great time to seize the moment and enjoy a quick getaway to Puerto Peñasco with friends and family. The beaches are warm and of course the season is marked with special events, dinners, maybe even a parade, but definitely the familiar welcome that always awaits visitors. 

The final holiday of the season, and of course to wrap up the year with a bang in Puerto Peñasco is, of course, New Year’s! Yet again, friends and family come together to celebrate the year that has passed and to wish each other a better upcoming year.

Close out your year by celebrating it in Puerto Peñasco! You will undoubtedly have a memorable time as restaurants, bars, and nightclubs put on gala dinners, feature live music, offer New Year’s toasts, masquerades, and the traditional countdown to ring in the New Year!

Any one of these dates is a great excuse to hit the highway and travel to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco, where tourists are always received with open arms. Puerto Peñasco always has events and specials to offer. Come and fall in love with Puerto Peñasco!

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January Jam! Beachside winter music festival for the soul

From the creators of Circus Mexicus, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, January Jam is an 11-year-old music festival stretching over three days that brings together popular bands, friends, and fans from across Arizona, Texas, California, Illinois, Minnesota, and beyond!

For 2020, January Jam is set for MLK Weekend, January 17th – 19th!

After the initial idea for the event came out of a post-session recording concert, January Jam has become a platform for several bands particularly from the southwestern US, though its main attraction is the atmosphere of friendship and fellowship that abounds. 

In recent years, the music festival weekend has also included the Mexican Moonshine Tequila Golf Classic, bringing together friends in helping to raise additional funds for local charities. While beneficiaries of the yearly donations change from year to year, they are all within the local community.

Throughout January Jam’s lifespan, more and more venues have become staples of the event, including the pioneering “JJ’s Cantina”, Banditos, Las Palomas, Wrecked at the reef, Chango’s, Capone’s, Boo Bar, Xochitl’s, Tekila Bar, and Señor Amigo. Each year also sees more and more musical acts joining in on the fun.

Early January is the perfect time for this beachside music fest, as Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers get to unwind from their busy concert schedule in a spot they consider to be like their second home.

For local Mexican nationals in Puerto Peñasco, ticket discounts are available at the door.

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Thanksgiving in Rocky Point 2019

One of the most important days to celebrate in the United States is Thanksgiving; a date that brings together family and friends in being grateful for what one has. This year, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Thursday, November 28th

In Puerto Peñasco, where many US ex-pats reside, and which receives thousands of tourists, Thanksgiving time can make you feel right at home. With this in mind, several restaurants prepare traditional Thanksgiving dinners so that people from the U.S. feel welcome. Another custom families have adopted is that of booking a resort stay or rental home to celebrate by cooking their own dinner, or having a caterer prepare their food for them.

In addition, you can commemorate Thanksgiving in our beautiful port by joining your favorite people somewhere near the beach, or on a terrace where you can enjoy dinner along with an unsurpassed view.

Historically stemming from the popular retelling of Pilgrims celebrating their first harvest in the New World in 1621 with the Wampanoag Native Americans, Thanksgiving was celebrated as early as 1789 under the first U.S. President George Washington and then established as the 4th Thursday in November by President Abraham Lincoln. A U.S. Congressional resolution in 1941 confirmed Thanksgiving as the last Thursday in November.

If you’d like to celebrate Thanksgiving in Rocky Point and you still haven’t picked the right place to visit, here are some options for a traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie dinner, as well as several spots offering a full menu.

  • Zuquin Banquets
  • Pane e Vino
  • Islas del Mar
  • Peñasco del Sol Hotel
  • Infusión del Golfo
  • Mare Blu Ristorante
  • Cielito Lindo at Sonoran Sky
  • Colin’s Cantina at Princesa de Peñasco
  • Islas del Mar 

..among others

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Day of the Dead in Puerto Peñasco!

The period between the end of October and beginning of November acquires a solemn yet festive mood, filled with aromas of marigold, incense, copal, candle wax, tasty dishes, candy skulls, chocolate, and “pan de muerto” filling the air. Families visit and decorate the resting places of loved ones; colorful perforated paper and Catrinas abound, as more and more people create traditional altars.

Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) is a Mexican tradition honoring the dead. Though the celebration originates from the pre-Hispanic era, thanks to Spanish conquest aspects of Catholicism have been incorporated and it is celebrated principally on Nov. 1st and 2nd , coinciding with the Catholic “All Saints Day”. Traditionally, November 1st is when the spirits of children come to visit, while November 2nd is for the spirits of adults.

Official city events in Puerto Peñasco will begin on November 1st.

The traditional altar and catrina contests will be held on November 1st and 2nd  on the popular “Rodeo Drive” curios shops road, beginning around 5 pm each day. Celebrations are to include altar displays, theater, music, film, art, a traditional procession, catrina contests, and of course lots and lots of delectable Mexican food.

Still, many people begin celebrations earlier with altar and catrina contests held at schools, bars, and in clubs.

Even though Día de Muertos is a traditional Mexican celebration, Halloween has now become part of local festivities, all you need to do is look inside any store to notice this. So, don’t forget to buy plenty of candy so you won’t get caught empty-handed by would-be trick or treaters.

We recommend you stay alert and follow social media sites of your favorite spots because there will surely be costume and catrina parties all over the city!

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Let the Sea of Cortez witness the happiest day of your life!

Saying “I do” to one’s beloved while seaside under an endless sky is a dream that more and more couples are seeing come true in Puerto Peñasco. Our coastal destination is a natural background to ensure dreams become reality, offering the beauty of our beaches, the best weather, and quality service.

Beachside weddings, through special planning and surrounded by friends and loved ones and the sea as witness, are a growing trend for Mexican couples and many from the U.S. and beyond who choose Puerto Peñasco as the perfect spot to seal their love.

The romantic atmosphere framed by a seaside sunset is idyllic for engagements, bachelorette parties, weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons, and intimate dinners.

This spectacular destination offers a variety of services specializing in helping to make each celebration unique and incomparable. We encourage you to work with the event planner of your choice as they are experts who will guide you through the entire process and make sure everything goes smoothly.

If your dream is a luxury wedding accompanied by ocean waves, Puerto Peñasco can surely offer something for you! From private beach side homes to restaurants or even spectacular terraces at elegant resorts, you can find decorations, banquets, live music, pastries, and boundless event details in this beautiful port.A beach side wedding will make for unique unforgettable memories, and will be extra attractive for all your guests who surely won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share in your celebration in this wonderful spot, bringing you closer and connecting you with Mexican warmth in front of the Sea of Cortez.

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How to celebrate U.S. holidays in Puerto Peñasco?

Even though we’re already in the ninth month of the year, there are still some American holidays left to celebrate. Many people take advantage of these long weekends to head out and celebrate in another city. Such is the case for Puerto Peñasco, which receives thousands of U.S. visitors looking to spend a fun holiday weekend with family or a group of friends at the beach.

Columbus Day (Oct. 14th in the U.S. this year), is celebrated as a day to commemorate Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America. In Mexico, this is commemorated on Oct. 12th, called “Dia de la Raza” (Day of the Race).  In some parts of the U.S. this has also come to be called Indigenous Peoples Day.  The three-day weekend is a great time to visit Puerto Peñasco and take in the 34th edition of the colorful “Piñata Regatta”. The hobie cat races showcase colorful sailboats from the neighboring states of Arizona and California that come to sail the Sandy Beach area and take advantage of the cooler weather.  Most bars also have special deals over the weekend, making Puerto Peñasco the ideal spot to enjoy Columbus Day on the Sea of Cortez.

Halloween is another U.S. holiday that has become popular in Mexico. In Puerto Peñasco, it has become a busy day with plenty of movement and kids dressed up in their most terrifying costumes who go “trick or treating” to several different businesses and neighborhoods with U.S. expat communities, as they tend to be ready with candy and are eager to hand out treats! 

Many area bars and clubs throw Halloween parties, offering fun prizes for the best costumes as well as deals on food and drinks, and plenty of party and fun for all!

Another important date is November 11th, U.S. Veteran’s Day, honoring those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Thousands of people from the U.S. choose to spend the holiday in Puerto Peñasco as it also coincides with the now famous Rocky Point Rally, the largest biker fiesta in northwestern Mexico.  Veteran’s Day, along with the Rocky Point Rally, turn the weekend into an extended week of patriotic celebrations and motorcycles. If you haven’t made your reservations, you still have a chance to do so and should because it fills up quick!

Thanksgiving Day is yet another very special day (Nov. 28th this year). This is when families get together to share a wonderful meal, grateful for blessings received, and to share good wishes. This celebration is always on the fourth Thursday of November, and is another extended break that many families take advantage of to visit Puerto Peñasco. On Thanksgiving you’ll be able to find the traditional turkey dinner (yes, with apple or pumpkin pie!) at most restaurants who will try their best to make you feel at home. Don’t forget to make your Thanksgiving reservation at your favorite restaurant!

Christmas is another very important day, reuniting families across the globe. The holiday spirit embraces the city with decorations and lights, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus.   The winter holidays are another great time to seize the moment and enjoy a quick getaway to Puerto Peñasco with friends and family. The beaches are warm and of course the season is marked with special events, dinners, maybe even a parade, but definitely the familiar welcome that always awaits visitors. 

The final holiday of the season, and of course to wrap up the year with a bang in Puerto Peñasco is, of course, New Year’s! Yet again, friends and family come together to celebrate the year that has passed and to wish each other a better upcoming year.

Close out your year by celebrating it in Puerto Peñasco! You will undoubtedly have a memorable time as restaurants, bars, and night clubs put on gala dinners, feature live music, offer New Year’s toasts, masquerades, and the traditional countdown to ring in the New Year!

Any one of these dates is a great excuse to hit the highway and travel to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco, where tourists are always received with open arms. Puerto Peñasco always has events and specials to offer. Come and fall in love with Puerto Peñasco!

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Top Ten Weekend activities in Rocky Point!

Top Ten Weekend activities in Rocky Point!

Visiting Puerto Peñasco this weekend?

Here are our recommendations on how to spend an incredible weekend along the best beaches northern Mexico has to offer!

Visit the Schuk Toak Visitors Center of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve.

Get to know all the different species that inhabit the Greater Altar Desert, observe the majestic craters and lava trails, and explore the largest dunes in Sonora. This is really an adventure you can’t miss, and you’ll even be able to cross “visit the only volcanic area visible from space” off your bucket list.
El Pinacate

Visit Bird Island

Enjoy the trip to this protected island that harbors hundreds of sea lions and different types of birds, where you will be able to kayak, paddleboard, or even swim with the sea lions.

Isla San Jorge aka Bird Island

Play  Golf

Puerto Peñasco has 3 golf courses, each offering unique sceneries that unite the desert, sea, and greens. What a perfect combination for a round of golf!

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Stroll along the Malecon

This is a must when visiting Puerto Peñasco. Take a nice stroll down the Malecon and take in the amazing sunset, go shopping for typical Puerto Peñasco souvenirs, or grab a bite to eat with a spectacular sea view.​
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Have an off-road adventure

Explore the sand trails the largest desert in Sonora has to offer, on your choice of ATV or UTV. This is definitely an exciting experience you don’t want to miss!
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Go on a sunset cruise

Get an actual front row seat for sunset! There are several sunset cruise options in Puerto Peñasco, where you can enjoy your favorite drinks, good music, and the variety of entertainment featured on each boat. Pick your trip of choice and enjoy the greatest sunsets the Sea of Cortez has to offer.
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This is an experience you will want to relive over and over again! Just imagine the panoramic view from the sky over the Sea of Cortez, where you can take in not only the immense sea, but also the malecón, and Puerto Peñasco’s beaches.

Ultralight rides

Another adventure in the skies you can’t miss out on is flying over the bay aboard one of these small light planes, which will make you feel endless excitement. The view is incredible and the experience is unique. You can find these in the Sandy Beach area.

Banana rides & Jet Skis

Puerto Peñasco offers the popular, and fan-favorite, banana boat rides and jet skis. Hop on this inflatable ride and have as much fun as you can imagine, or relieve some stress and get your adrenaline pumping on a jet-ski. Don’t forget to follow instructions and use a life vest.
Banana boat, Jetskis

Visit our activities section where you will be able to explore different options you can enjoy in Puerto Peñasco. Also, feel free to check out our events section and be in the know on everything that is going on in Puerto Peñasco. Don’t forget that most hotels, bars, and restaurants have something special ready for you!

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La Roca Hotel: Iconic spot in Puerto Peñasco

Located in the heart of the port, with rooms that store many stories and legends of early 20th century gangsters, Hotel la Roca is the oldest place to stay in Puerto Peñasco.

Built in 1927 by John Stone, today the main attraction of this site is that it was presumably where American gangster Al Capone stayed in 1929, when prohibition was in effect in the U.S.  The hotel had actually been built as a place for gambling and guests would arrive by plane.

The Hotel la Roca was built entirely in a mirror structure, with a large game room in front and ten rooms down a long corridor in a “shotgun” distribution to see who entered and left the hotel. According to legend, Al Capone stayed in room 10 on his visits because he had two exits he could use to flee if necessary. 

In the 1930s, the hotel was visited by people from the United States for game nights and boat rides, which was a pretext for storing alcohol barrels from Guaymas that then crossed into Arizona through tunnels built in Sonoyta.

The Peñasco hotel, which was its name initially, was closed and burned down in 1933 when the so-called dry law ended. It later passed into the hands of Benjamin Bustamante who rebuilt it to continue using it as a hotel, though it also served as a post office at one time and as a small school for the city’s early residents.

It wasn’t until 1998 that Mr. Jorge Seldner took over the hotel, renovating it so it could reopen in 2000, maintaining the stone construction and the large hall that now serves as a living room.

Currently, Hotel La Roca offers sixteen rooms with comforts that retain the originality of its walls, some furniture of the time, old photographs, a display case with invaluable pieces, and above all the nostalgia and history of the location.

Guests who come looking for the place given its history and through recommendations principally come from the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy and France.

This iconic hotel, located right at the descent into the Old Port, might be a spot you’d like to visit and stay if you’re looking for a cozy space with lots of history and legends covering its walls, as well as low rates.

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Mexican holiday weekends!

Along with well-deserved summer vacation, there are rest periods to take advantage of in breaking with routine while heading out to visit new destinations. These are what are known in Mexico as “puentes festivos” (holiday “bridges”, or rather, long weekends) surrounding dates that generally commemorate historical events. Luckily, one of these dates is quickly approaching as September 16th is Mexican Independence Day!

What better way to celebrate the holiday than visiting family or friends on the beaches of Puerto Peñasco? In addition to the sandy shores, magical sunsets, and delicious cuisine, a wide arrange of special events await to make sure everyone has a great time.

On the night of September 15th, celebrations begin at City Hall with the traditional “Grito de Dolores” (call to independence), echoing shouts of “Viva Mexico” “Viva Dolores” and “Viva la Independencia”!  Plus, the evening is filled with Mexican music, folkloric dances, fireworks, and a traditional “castle burning”, not to mention stands selling Mexican treats.

Some resort and hotel complexes in town, such as Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort, hold special shows to celebrate the evening. On this occasion, Las Palomas will be featuring Carlos Cuevas, the king of boleros, along with mariachi music in the common areas.

Playa Bonita hotel will launch fireworks on the evening of the 15th to mark the occasion, while establishments such as La Cantina and Cielito Lindo will be offering dinner and Mexican music.  Bars along Calle 13 and in the Mirador will join in festivities with live music and several promotions to attract visitors and locals alike.

Following Independence Day, the next holiday break will be that to celebrate the Mexican Revolution. Though Revolution Day is Nov. 20th, the official day off is Monday, November 18th, making the holiday weekend possible.  So once again, Mexico will have a long weekend to continue celebrating.

The best way to take advantage of the mild weather at that time of year is strolling along the beaches of our paradisiacal port, boarding a boat to enjoy the cool evenings, hitting the dunes on an all-terrain vehicle, or getting ready to go out to a local bar-restaurant where you’ll surely encounter festivities commemorating the Mexican Revolution.

Another important holiday celebration of the year comes with ringing in the new one. This time is certainly of tremendous importance for family get togethers, as well as to relive memories from the past year and of course well-wishes for the one about to begin.

For this important date in Mexico, and across the globe, several hotels, restaurants, and bars in Puerto Peñasco dress to the nines with parties to welcome the New Year! These often include well-known artists, live music, midnight toasts, dinners, and of course a festive atmosphere.

Promotions are advertised months in advance to ensure all interested in ringing in the New Year in front of the grandeur of the beach, enveloped by the cool air, have time to reserve and wrap up the year with family and friends in this corner of the Sea of Cortez.

Do you already have your plans made for the upcoming Mexican holidays? Puerto Peñasco awaits!

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The Rocky Point Rally is the Largest Biker Fiesta in Northwestern Mexico

The event that began as a gathering of a few hundred motorcyclists from Arizona and Sonora in 2001 now brings together more than 9,000 bikers principally from the U.S. Southwest and Mexico.

Considered one of the most important biker rallies in the region, the Rocky Point Rally has managed to attract motorcycle and biker club lovers from Arizona, California, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico, as well as Sonora, Baja California, Chihuahua, Jalisco, and Mexico City. It has achieved such popularity that it has also attracted dedicated bikers from distances including Canada, Germany, Alaska, and Hawaii, as well as Japan and the Philippines, to mention just some of the countries where rally goers have come from.

The Rocky Point Rally, which celebrates its 19th anniversary this year, lasts four days in early November, from Thursday to Sunday, during which time the roar of the engines can be heard throughout the city along with rock and country concerts at sponsoring bars and central fiesta points such as 13th Street and the Malecon Founders.

The long-awaited biker fiesta, initially founded and still organized by local business leader Oscar Palacio Soto, includes a Saturday bike parade down Puerto Peñasco’s main Blvd. Juarez, where participants throw out sweets to children who come out in appreciation to see them. The in-town “Charity Poker Run” and initial Rally registration help raise funds for several charitable organizations across the city including: the Red Cross, Fire Department, home for the elderly, cancer awareness and prevention group, a school for children with special needs, Children and Family services, as well as an educational fund.

The days of the Rocky Point Rally are filled with biker parties and motorcycles of all kinds, from sports, cruise, urban and even the most exotic. The Rally welcomes people of all ages and professions donning their best leathers. It is a time full of music and camaraderie among bikers from both sides of the border.

If you haven’t witnessed the traditional motorcycle fiesta, plan for this year from November 7th – 10th.  The Rocky Point Rally awaits!

Rocky Point Rally 2019

Countdown is on for Rocky Point Rally 2019! Got your spot?visit

Posted by Come to Rocky Point on Wednesday, July 31, 2019
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What to do in Puerto Penasco this 4th of July?

Puerto Peñasco Is showing off this festive weekend with spectacular weather to celebrate the 4th of July. The highest temperature is going to be 88 F, so get your swimsuit and the sunblock ready because the beach awaits.

Here we share some ideas for you to spend an incredible weekend on our Sea of Cortez beaches.

Begin your celebration by attending the 4th of July open air grill buffet at Peñasco del Sol Hotel, starting at 6 pm and ending at 11 pm, as you watch the fireworks show that Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort puts on year after year.

Relax, the fun is just beginning!

On Friday, July 5th, you can enjoy all of the beach activities Puerto Peñasco has to offer, whether that means going out to Bird Island for the day (we recommend you go well prepared because this activity lasts all day beginning at 8:30 am.

Approach the marina and get some information), or enjoying sand and the sea playing volleyball, riding the banana boats or jet skis, or simply relax under the sun and get that perfect tan. If what you are looking for is adventure, we also have something for you! Please visit and schedule your next adventure.

Saturday, July 6th, you can have fun during Casino Night at Cielito Lindo Fine Mexican Cuisine at the Sonoran Sky Resort, and also enjoy a great dinner, where all proceeds will be donated to a good cause.

If you are looking for something a bit more fun, Puerto Peñasco’s night clubs and bars will surely be having special events for you this weekend. For example, Restaurant-Bar La Arena 3C is hosting it’s first Beer Fest with live music and great BBQ, doesn’t that sound like fun? If you’d like to know of more events happening around town please visit the events tab and find out what we have in store for you this 4th of July weekend in Puerto Peñasco. Don’t forget to keep hydrated!

Don’t stay up too late on Saturday, because there is still much to do on Sunday, July 6th, like visiting the Malecón to take a picture with the emblematic Fisherman’s Statue with the beautiful Sea of Cortez as your background, go shopping in the Malecón shops and fish market. Don’t forget to visit Rodeo Drive and take a photo with the incredible murals you can find there, please share on your social media and remember to tag us!
Also remember to check out our social media so that you don’t miss out on anything.

IG: Come to Rocky Point
Facebook: Vive Puerto Peñasco, Come to Rocky Point
Twitter: VisitaPenasco / VisitRockyPoint

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Let’s celebrate the 26th anniversary of the El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve.

Things you should know about El Pinacate

  • El Pinacate is the most biodiverse desert in the world, a wonderful destination for photography and video due to its imposing flora & fauna, its brilliant daylight, orange sunsets, and spectacular nights.
  • The desert shines with color in the spring when the flowers regain their splendor.
  • A must-visit place is the “Shuck Toak” visitors center, located 24 kilometers from Puerto Peñasco and within the actual reserve, a museum where you can get to know more about the volcanic site.
  • Thanks to its great biodiversity, the Sonoran Desert holds more protected areas than any other desert on the planet.
  • In the area you can find more than 560 plant species, 41 species of mammals, 200 birds, 43 types of reptiles, as well as a variety of amphibians and freshwater fish.
  • El Pinacate and the Greater Altar Desert is host to a great number of archaeological artifacts that have been proven to be more than 20 thousand years old; it is a culturally important site for the Tohon O’odham nation, who considers that the origin of their creation is in Pinacate Peak, where they still hold religious ceremonies.
  • El Pinacate has the highest concentration of “maar” type craters in the world. Aside from that there are also over 500 ash cones, lava flows, creek beds, and granite & tuff massifs.
  • The Greater Altar Desert has the largest area of Dunes in North America, this particular type of star dunes only exist in certain areas around the world.
  • It was declared Biosphere Reserve El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar in 1993, and declared world heritage site by UNESCO in June of 2013.
  • In 1969, personnel from NASA visited the site, due to its surface resembling that of the moons own, to have landing tests before actually visiting the moon.
  • The “Shuck Toak” visitors center is the first, and largest in Mexico, self-sustaining public building. It has 132 solar panels and an wind generator that supply electric energy from autumn to spring.
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Geminid Meteor Shower

The Geminid Meteor Shower is a spectacular sight that nature gifts us. One must get away from the city lights on a dark night with little or no moon. It is suggested to find a cozy location. You may also want some binoculars (they are not necessary) and/or a camera.

Meteor showers are a result of cosmic debris coming in contact with the atmosphere at very high speeds. The fragments blaze within the path and produce a shooting star. Which in mundane wording, is a beautiful white line crossing the night sky.

This shower is highly anticipated and is thought as the most important meteor showers. The Geminid shower takes place December 4 to 16, however, the nights with the most activity will be on the 13 and 14. We will be able to observe them perfectly this year because the moon will be in its first quarter.

With this in mind, did you know that Puerto Peñasco is the ideal place to enjoy this wonder of nature? There are a variety of spots to enjoy the meteor shower. The first being a beach view. Bring a towel and blankets to the beach. You can also climb the top of a hill or camp at the Pinacate Reserve.

Lay back and buddle up. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness. You will witness the intensity of a science fiction sky that will create a photo-worthy moment.

Make a wish. Make as many as your blessed heart desires.


Photo by:

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Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Puerto Peñasco!

Mexico’s Independence Day is a time to celebrate, which Mexicans happen to be very good at! On the night of September 15th, people across Mexico gather to celebrate the “Grito de Dolores” (Call to Independence), and locally thousands of Puerto Peñasco residents and visitors will enjoy the festivities outside City Hall.

Regional artists and folk dancers perform at this family-fun event held in front of City Hall, where there are also fireworks and many traditional Mexican eats & treats, along with the traditional “burning of the castle”.

Several hotels and resorts in Puerto Peñasco offer guests their very own Mexican night, complete with mariachis, special presentations, fireworks, and special promotional rental packages.

This September 15th will also feature one of the most anticipated boxing events of the year, featuring the bout between Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Kazahk Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. Numerous restaurants and bars will be welcoming boxing fans that evening.

Just imagine spending the colorful Mexican National Holiday with parties, music, and on the beach! ¡VIVA!

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Exploring the depths in the “World’s Aquarium”

In addition to the natural beauty of our beaches, deserts, and dunes, along with the services Puerto Peñasco offers, how about exploring the Sea of Cortez through the lens of a scuba diver?

Named at one time by the late explorer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau as “The World’s Aquarium”, The Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) possesses exceptional beauty, tremendous biological diversity, and is home to several endemic species. With these virtues, in 2005 the United Nations Education and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) deemed Islands in the Protected area of the Gulf of California as a Natural Heritage Site.

Scuba diving is a privilege that daring individuals and explorers can enjoy while visiting Puerto Peñasco. Various dive excursions, whether individually or in a group, are available for divers of all levels, and accompanied by certified Dive Masters. Dive instructors are also available for those looking to literally get their feet wet in the world of scuba!

In Puerto Peñasco, scuba diving offers a new way to explore the area. Yet, where are good spots to dive (depending on tides and weather)? One may choose to dive from off a boat, or walk in from a spot along the beach, some of these include: Home Port area, Tucson Beach in La Cholla as well as the southern side of Cholla, the Mirador, and Las Conchas.

A wonderful area to dive is around Isla San Jorge (Bird Island), located less than 20 kilometers southeast of Puerto Peñasco. Bird Island dive spots offer depths of about 40 feet, and good visibility allowing one to observe curious sea lions, colorful fish, starfish, and there have even been sightings of a whale shark.

For more information on dive opportunities, you may contact Rocky Point Divers at, Del Mar Charters at 638-380-9678, or the dive and activity shop at Sonoran Sea.

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Did Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe visit Puerto Peñasco?

By Contributor Moka Hammeken

I was surfing online when suddenly I came across a historic photo with the caption: Marilyn Monroe visiting Puerto Peñasco with baseball star Joe DiMaggio and the famous Mexican umpire Carlos Alberto González, in July of 1953!

Could it be?

The photo shows a young lighthearted Marilyn sitting on the bow of a boat, with a desert landscape and house in the background. One of the photos shows her with DiMaggio and González, standing along the train tracks that used to make its way to the docks.

The couple, who attracted thousands of stares wherever they went, surely in a move to step out of the limelight and tabloids, a few months before their wedding in January of 1954 took off from San Francisco for a romantic trip south. They allegedly crossed the border and made their way to Puerto Peñasco, then a very discrete and romantic fishing village, which provided them with the privacy and beach life they sought.

DiMaggio and Monroe then returned to Russian River in California, where DiMaggio’s brother lived and, according to an article by the “Voice of Broadway”, where they went for quality family time before becoming man and wife.

Yet, the photos that appeared at an auction of Profiles in History, Hollywood Auction 65 Catalog, indicate a secret romantic escape to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco!

It’ not really hard to believe DiMaggio would bring his soon to be bride to this area, considering Sonora is a baseball state at heart (Guaymas is said to be the birthplace of baseball in Mexico), and even now our beaches and the Tiburones (local baseball team) welcome several baseball stars to town every now and again.

And so, a story of baseball and glamour, in which Puerto Peñasco participated as a discrete confidant.


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Sandboarding in Rocky Point!

Imagine adrenaline-fueled defiance of speed and the desert dunes! This is sand boarding, the extreme sport that has been gaining popularity across the globe and which you can now enjoy on Puerto Peñasco’s dunes.

Here in Puerto Peñasco, sandboarding opportunities can be found on dunes near the Shuck Toak Visitor’s Center of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, as well as on sand adjacent to local oyster farms, and along Sandy Beach.

Sandboarding can only be done in areas where nature has provided generous mounds of fine sand. In Puerto Peñasco one has the added benefit of taking in the spectacular scenery of estuaries and desert landscapes as you glide down a dune.

People of all ages can experience the adrenaline of sandboarding, as adventurers range in age from young children to older adults. It is key, however, to rent a board just in case you don’t have your own, as well as make sure not to damage any local flora or fauna. Plus, if you’re out for a day of sandboarding please remember to “trek it in, trek it out,” and help keep the dunes clean!

For more information, contact RP Sand Crew at 638 384 0216.

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The wonder of Puerto Peñasco’s tides

Puerto Peñasco’s thrilling tidal movement is a spectacular show of nature, and a wonder to anyone lucky enough to witness it.  This phenomenal change in high and low tides can be easily admired by all as the sea recedes meters at a time, or as the water returns to cover parts of the beach.

Oceanographer Roberto Escalante Ramirez explains the extraordinary change in tides in this area is due to various factors, but mainly because the ocean floor along this coastal region is stretched out. In other words, the shallow depth makes the rise and fall of tides extremely notable.  

Furthermore, Puerto Peñasco is located in the Upper Gulf of California, which is itself a basin that produces a type of natural encasement of water currents, making the tidal shifts more visible.

The tidal shifts in Puerto Peñasco, while unique, can also be found at the Bay of Funday, Canada; in Santa Clara, Chile; Servern Beach Bristol, England; and La Rance, France, which all have similar conditions.

It really is amazing to see how at any given moment the sea appears to be moving away and at others you can watch as it covers the entire beach!  The best time to see the change in Puerto Peñasco’s tides is around the full or new moon, with Fall moons tending to lend to the highest and lowest tides.

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Father’s Day in Rocky Point

It can sometimes be challenging to decide what to give Dad, or how to make his Father’s Day incredible.  The list of possible “details” may seem to be less than that for Mother’s Day, but ohhh nooo! There’s always something to help Pops feel special.  How about inviting him to enjoy a baseball series here at home, or an afternoon of golf, possibly a beach day, or even a massage or a family trip to the movies?    One thing’s for sure, Dad shouldn’t have to pay for his own gift! Here’s a list of some options in Rocky Point to help celebrate:

Tiburones baseball – Home series against Rojos de Caborca  June 15th – 17th   *game times around 7:30 pm

Golf, anyone?

Take Dad out to one of Puerto Peñasco’s three courses – or maybe even all three, and make a weekend out of it!

The Links @ Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort

The Club @ Islas del Mar

Vidanta Golf (Mayan)

Dad may also enjoy a spa day, that’s right – how about a massage, pedicure, or manicure?

Peñasco Beauty Center

Sol y Mar Spa  (Las Palmas)

Lucy Spa

Acqua Spa

Vitality Spa

La Bella Spa

Dress him up!

We’re sure all the Dads out there would also appreciate …well, clothes!  How about something like beach wear, customs Tees, a belt, etc.


Boats & Tours

A regular must for the whole family is time on a boat, so how about a splash cruise or sunset journey – or possibly a day out to Bird Island…or Fishing???

Del Mar Charters

Eco Fun Rentals

Rocky Point Fishing Club

To wrap up celebrations, Dad and you can kick back in one of Rocky Point’s many watering holes – now also once again including Manny’s Beach Club in the Mirador!

Old Port area

BooBar over the Fish Market

The Satisfied Frog

Tekila Bar

Shark Bite – featuring Cesar López “El Vampiro”  June 15th – 16th


Pink Cadillac

American Legion *featuring BBQ potluck from 10 am – 4 pm *



Calle 13

OD Bar / Chabela’s

Southside Jillz – don’t forget about BBQ Sunday!


Sandy Beach to Cholla

La Cantina Sports Bar (Sonoran Sky)

El Tapeo (Laos Mar Best Western / Playa Bonita)


Chango’s  (have you checked out their pool?)

Swim Bar & Lounge (Bella Sirena)

Wrecked   featuring The Hillsons  12 pm – 3 pm

JJ’s Cantina

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Summer in Rocky Point!

It’s heating up in Rocky Point!  It’s time to bring out the swimsuit, dive into pools, stroll along beaches, wade into the sea, and explore several ways to refresh yourself.  There are unending summer activities in Puerto Peñasco to add to your travel list.

Thousands of people seek out the beaches of Puerto Peñasco for their warmth, as well as to enjoy the many temperature changes that can be felt in a single day!  Although high temps during the day can be felt as June begins, evenings and nights are still pleasantly fresh and enjoyable. July and August tend to be a bit more sultry at the beach, as humidity increases given the monsoon season to the north.


Here are some of the top activities you can enjoy in Puerto Peñasco this summer:

– Welcome the morning with an early beach walk as the sun is making its appearance. You can contemplate the peaceful sea, sound of the waves, and the early-birds singing their morning song.

– Kayaking or SUP.  Navigate a kayak, or hop on a Stand Up Paddleboard while exploring new safe waters where to row.  Jetskis and banana boats are also delights cutting across the water!

-Take an ultra-light ride where you can better appreciate the sea and city scape from a bird’s eye view. This is an experience that requires bravery and guarantees an adrenaline rush.

-Treat yourself to a cruise! Enjoy a spectacular sunset as you sail aboard one of the many cruise options Puerto Peñasco has to offer.  Or how about a day trip out to Isla San Jorge “Bird Island” to enjoy the company of sea lions and the thousands of birds that give this protected island its name. Snorkeling and kayaking are always on the day’s agenda when out on a trip to Bird Island!

– Sandboarding!  If you’ve got a board and ready to hit the sand dunes, we highly recommend doing this activity in the early morning hours, before the sun heats the desert sand, or in the evening close to sunset.

– Go swimming in resort/hotel pools and relax that body of yours. Check the waves and tides if you prefer to swim out at sea, though everyone should make sure to use good sunscreen!

– A relatively unknown activity in the area is scuba diving!  Yes! There are specialized groups that offer instruction and dive opportunities, where you will find hundreds of unimaginable sea creatures.

– How about a little bit of speed under the sun on an ATV/UTV?  This yearlong option is an exciting thrill for all!! Be sure to wear a helmet and drive carefully in specially designated areas.

– A trip to CEDO.  Visit the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans in Las Conchas to see the whale skeleton and learn more about the Sea of Cortes. Be sure to check their NaturArte ecotour trips, including exploration of area tidepools, kayaking, and more!

– A highly recommended must do is a visit to the Schuk Toak Visitors Center of the Pinacate and Grand Desert of Altar Pinacate Reserve. The eco-sustainable museum offers a wealth of information about the volcanic flows and mysteries of this spectacular UNESCO named Natural World Heritage Site.

– Beyond the Schuk Toak Visitors Center are the craters of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve itself.  While summer may not be the best time to hike through the desert, be sure to go in the early morning hours before temperatures rise and to take lots of water!

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US Memorial Day Weekend in Rocky Point!

More than 30,000 people from Arizona and southern California, among other spots across the southwestern US, are expected to hit Peñasco’s shores for U.S. Memorial Day Weekend, making this one of the busiest vacation times of the year and marking the “unofficial” kick-off to the U.S. summer vacation season.

Several bars, restaurants, and condo resorts are planning special bands or events over the holiday weekend, plus there’s plenty of fun to be had along the beach, out at sea, on the golf course, or in exploring the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve!

Occupancy levels at Puerto Peñasco hotels and condominiums are expected to top 90% this holiday weekend.  Strengthened tourist numbers over Memorial Day have been sustained over the past three years, representing economic revenue for tourism and services along the lines of 35 million pesos.

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By M.A. Velazquez

While Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s independence  day, it does mark an important day in the country’s history.  May 5th is the day the Mexican Army defeated France at The Battle of Puebla.  The victory is important because although the French outnumbered the Mexicans 2 to 1, Mexico won the battle.  While Cinco de Mayo is not a federal holiday and is not celebrated in all parts of Mexico, it is celebrated in Puebla and in many cities close to the US border, such as Rocky Point.
Nowadays, Cinco de Mayo in the United Stated has become a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture with festive parties, concerts and activities across the country.  Mariachis and margaritas have also become a staple of the celebration.  So where better to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year than in Rocky Point, Mexico- where you will find everything you could want for a fabulous celebration.  Many of the local restaurants and bars will have Cinco de Mayo specials or parties and will offer live Mariachi music or live bands and DJ’s playing Latin style music that you can dance to.  Margaritas are always in abundance in Rocky Point as well, from the traditional blended or on the rocks drink to specialty flavors including Mango, Strawberry and even Tamarind.
The perfect weather in May will keep the party going into the evening. Warm days will allow for time at one of the many pool parties offered at the resorts or some beach time and the evening weather usually has a light breeze with average temperatures in the 80’s.  You can stroll down to Old Port and visit several restaurants or bars or take in the sunset at the recently remodeled Malecon, with benches, palm trees and beautiful views.  Before you head home you can visit the shops at The Cholla Mall or relax with a beachside massage.
May brings perfect weather to Rocky Point and Cinco de Mayo is the perfect excuse to visit us! See you on Cinco!
If you wish further information please visit our Packages tab where you will find Hotel and Resort that will fit your budget needs.]]>

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Spring Break Family Fun in Rocky Point

by M.A. Velazquez

Gone are the days when Spring Break trips were just for college students!  With popular tourist destinations like Rocky Point so close to the US, more and more families are opting to take advantage of their kids’ time off of school to get in some quality family time.  Not only is Rocky Point a close distance from the US, but its also safe and family friendly.  Weather its pool time or water sports, Rhino rentals or a trip to El Pinacate, there are many family friendly activities in Rocky Point.

For perfect pool time, many resorts have slides or shallow areas designating a play pool or kiddie area  for the little ones.  To liven up your beach time try a Banana Boat rental, jet ski or kayak rental for the whole family.  For a little land adventure you can rent a Rhino or a Polaris that seats four and take a ride into town where you will find many restaurants and souvenir shops in the “Old Port” or more specialty shops at the Cholla Mall.

Crater _El_EleganteIf you are looking to do a bit more exploring you can take a trip to hike a trail at El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO, see more than 200 volcanic craters including the place where the NASA did the land on the moon trials.  Also you can learn more about wildlife if you visit the Shuk Toak Visitor Center where you can listen to biological lectures, see photos and displays of archaeological remains and watch a documentary on the biosphere in the audio visual room.  El Pinacate and Shuk Toak are about 20 minutes North of Rocky Point.  If you’re looking to learn more about marine life you can visit CEDO, Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, where you can explore the natural resources and cultures of the Sonoran Desert and Sea of Cortez with marine biologists and see marine animal fossils, including that of a full sized whale.

If camping-it is more your style and you have or rent an RV, there are 3 local RV parks that all have beach access and water and electrical supplies.

For the moms and dads who need a bit of escapism, there are massages on the beach and full service spas as well as 3 beautiful golf courses.  If you are considering great vacation package deals, just keep in mind that you only need to drive approximately 3.5 hours from Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, El Centro, Calexico and all the Imperial Area locations to be in a warm beach location.  With what you would spend on expensive airline tickets you can save to have a bigger budget to share and enjoy with your family.

Spring_Break_In_Puerto_PenascoYou can also rent a boat and go sunset cruising or wake up early, prepare your fishing pole and try to catch the meal of the day in a deep sea fishing excursion that you can find at the Old Port. Visit Rocky Point this spring break for some family fun vacation time!

If you wish for further information please visit the Accommodations section, where you will find Hotels and Resorts that will fit your budget needs]]>

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Arizonas Most Popular Spring Break Destination

Arizonas most popular destination

By M.A. Velazquez

There are now several resorts on Sandy Beach, Playa Hermosa, Playa Bonita, Las Conchas, La Cholla and many other beaches available for Spring Break-ers. Most hotels and resorts have an on-site restaurant with daily happy hour specials and some have convenience stores on the property.  For those who prefer to stay in town rather than on the beach, there are several hotels on 13th Street and on Benito Jaurez Blvd. If you stay on Sandy Beach, many of the resorts host daily pool parties with either live bands or hired DJs and swim up bars to get the party started.

Spring_Break_2014_Puerto_Penasco-001If water sports are more your gig, Rocky Point beaches have plenty of them. You can find Banana Boat rides, Kayaking, Jet-Ski Rentals, Paddle Boarding and Light Flights over the ocean.  You can even hop on a Party Cruise around the bay with drinks, snacks and live music included.  The average temperature during the month of March is 77 degrees, making it the perfect time to catch some sun at a pool party, boost your adrenaline with a water activity or hop on a boat around the bay.   If you prefer to stay on land, ATV´s or QUAD rentals are available in both town and the beach areas.

Spring_Break_2014_Puerto_Penasco-024When you are ready to party you can hit one of the clubs along Sandy Beach, which have DJs and live bands daily during spring break. If you head over to the “Old Port”, “The Mirador” or “La Calle 13” you will find several bars adjacent to one another also offering daily drink specials, music and spring break contests.  Most bars and clubs stay open until 2 am.  These areas also have several restaurant options, and for a quick bite, taco stands and hot dog stands can be found on most any corner and are popular and affordable. Many areas are also lined with local vendors offering everything from souvenirs, T-shirts and beach dresses to sunglasses and purses.

Between the pool parties, the water sports, the bar-hopping and the shopping, Rocky Point is the perfect destination for your Spring Break Get-Away!

If you wish for further information please go to the Accommodations section, where you will find Hotels and Resorts that will fit your budget needs


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Celebrate love in Rocky Point

Toast with your loved one to all the special moments that you have cherished together, with the moon and the sea as your witnesses.


by M.A. Velazquez

Stressed out about what to do for Valentine’s Day, the one day of the year designated to celebrate love? According to, four of the top 10 things to do on Valentine’s are: Get Away, Get Physical, Get a Massage, Dress Up, and all of these can all be done in the relaxing beach town of Rocky Point. Getting Away on a mini vacay can be the perfect combination of relaxation and excitement. Only a 1 hour drive from the US border and 3.5 hours from Phoenix and Tucson, Rocky Point is ideal for a weekend getaway. With the Presidents Day holiday being right on the heels of Valentine’s Day, the weekend is the perfect time to take a road trip.  Once you are here you will find numerous options for activities and entertainment.  There’s nothing better to revitalize your romance than a trip to this beach destination.

The beach is also perfect for the next item on the list- Getting Physical, literally. Go for a morning run on Sandy Beach, Mirador Beach or Las Conchas to start off your day.  Later, take in the sunset on one of our beaches or take a moonlit walk at night.  What better way to unwind and enjoy nature than to get active with the one you love?!

Getting a Massage continues to be one of the most popular and enjoyable things to do on Valentine’s Day.  Fortunately, in Rocky Point there is no shortage of spas to choose from.  Most spas offer additional treatments for pampering such as manicures, pedicures, and facials, however, a couple’s massage is a great way to unwind and relax together, or treat your partner to one or more spa services. You can even get a massage right on the beach as the sound of the Sea of Cortez lulls you into relaxation. Spas can be found both on Sandy Beach and in town and many have a bi-lingual staff. If time in your condo is your goal, you can schedule private massage right in your beach rental. Whatever your preference, a massage will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Dressing Up There is something about getting primped that makes you feel great, confident, ready for anything. Once you are decked out, you can dine with an ocean view or grab dinner in town. With an abundance of restaurants in Rocky Point, the options for dining are limitless- from Italian and Mediterranean to Classic American and traditional Mexican.  After dinner burn off those calories by grooving to some live music.

IMG_0351-WMLast on the list is taking a sunset cruise through the bay and toast with your loved one to all the special moments that you have cherished together, with the moon and the sea as your witnesses.

Whether you choose to celebrate this day of love with one or all of the above activities, Rocky Point is sure to exceed your needs and get you in the mood for romance.  So take advantage of the long holiday weekend to spend more time with your special someone, head to Rocky Point and celebrate love!


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October Excitement in Rocky Point

By M.A. Velazquez
The fall season is just around the corner and that means it’s time to mark your calendars and start making your October plans to head out to Rocky Point. While some Americans will enjoy a day off work on the second Monday in October and others have kids whose fall breaks will be taking place all throughout the month, everyone can enjoy some sunshine and the cool sea breeze in Rocky Point this October. In addition to the cooler temperatures (many say this is our best weather month), there are various family-friendly activities on the beach and around town that you can enjoy.
On October you can take in the Piñata Regatta hobby race hosted by the Tucson Hobie Fleet 514. On Saturday and Sunday at the morning from Sandy Beach you can watch the colorful catamarans take off from the Playa Bonita area and race around the Sea of Cortez. There is no charge to watch the races, so enjoy the excitement as you catch some rays and sip on a cocktail.
If you are up for learning more about the desert and the ocean, on Saturday October CEDO (the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans) will be hosting Nature Talks at their location in Las Conchas. The talks are free and are in Spanish in English. This is a great way to break from the ordinary and learn about and experience nature.
Weekend´s during October are full of live music performing for free at local area restaurants and bars.
And if that’s not enough excitement, on October check out the El Golfo Run where sand rails, dune buggies, ATV’s and jeeps race from Rocky Point to El Golfo de Santa Clara, which is about 80 miles. You can watch all the 4 x 4’s right from the Sandy Beach area.
Wrapping up the month of October is the Dirty Beach Mud Run also happening on Sandy Beach.
If beach bummin’ it is more your style, there are some great hotel deals to be found during the month of October in Rocky Point and you can find your beach massages and water activities available every day of the week. Before you head home, don’t forget to check out Old Port or the Cholla Mall for your Rocky Point mementos. October is just around the corner so why not use the school fall break to bring out the family and visit us in Rocky Point!]]>

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4th of July

By M.A. Velazquez

The 4th of July has been a federal US holiday since 1941 but the tradition of Independence Day dates back to 1776 when members of the 13 colonies declared their independence from Great Brittan.  Drafted by Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th 1776 and has been considered  the birth of America ever since.  Typical celebrations include fireworks, parades, family gatherings and barbeques.  In recent decades many have chosen to utilize the holiday to take a trip with the family.
_MG_0085Rocky Point has long been a popular 4th of July vacation destination for its warm summertime weather, beautiful beaches, magnificent sunsets and fun filled atmosphere. It’s proximity to Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, El Centro and Imperial Valley, also add to its popularity among residents from these areas.
Visitors can certainly get their fireworks fix by purchasing them here and lighting them at the public beaches (with caution of course).  The holiday weekend will also include Pool Tournaments, Dart Tournaments and Horseshoe Tournaments at the local watering holes and a Las Vegas themed Charity Night on Sandy Beach.
los-curios-shellsMany of the bigger hotels/resorts and RV parks have barbeque grills available to guests for those who want to have a traditional 4th of July cook-out.  Everything you need can be found  at our local grocers here in Rocky Point.  For those who prefer to go out, local bars and clubs will have live music and DJs all weekend.  And don’t forget to visit The Old Port and The Cholla Mall (Mexican Rodeo Drive) to pick up gifts for your loved ones back home.  So pack your swim suits and beach chairs and we will see you on the 4th of July!]]>

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Experience an Extreme Summer in Rocky Point

By M.A. Velazquez

While the beach is a great place to get in some R & R, you can certainly kick things up a notch in Rocky Point. If extreme sports are more your thing, here are some options for the adventurous soul:
Jet Skis
Jet Ski rentals have long been a favorite of tourists to our beaches. The smooth waters and warm temperatures create the perfect environment for jetting around the bay at top speed. You can ride solo or rent a jet ski for two and really have a blast. Rental prices are determined by time: half hour, hour, etc. Your rental place will have life jackets and be sure to have a phone or watch to keep track of the time. Jet Ski rentals can be found on all of Rocky Point’s beaches. There’s no better feeling than having the wind in your face with the water splashing against you as you explore the waters of the Sea of Cortez in a fun and exciting way!
Ultra Light Flights
So what is an Ultra Light Flight? An Ultra Light-Flight (Light-Flight for short), is a lightweight aircraft that uses a slightly larger version of a hang glider wing. The speed at which the aircraft can travel may vary depending on the style of the wing. Some are built to fly as fast as 80 miles an hour, while others are slower, around 35 miles an hour. Light-Flights can provide quite the adrenalin rush, while still managing to be safe. According to Ian, a Light-Flight pilot in Rocky Point with many years of experience, pilots are trained to respect the weather conditions and use good judgment and often spend time practicing various landing maneuvers. “The Light-Flights provide an exhilarating experience and are well worth it,” according to the pilot. Group rates are also available if you have more than 2 people who want to fly. Light Flights can be found toward the end of Sandy Beach road.
Banana Boat Rides
For another exciting group experience, try a Banana Boat Ride, which can be found on Sandy Beach, Miridor Beach and Las Conchas Beach. The Banana Boat is one, sometimes two, inflatable recreational tubes designed specifically for towing and usually holds between 2-10 riders. They have straps to hold on to and tubes on the sides where you can rest your feet. All of the companies in Rocky Point provide life vests for riders. If you ride as a group and prefer a slower pace or have children riding, the driver will accommodate, and if you want to ride at top speed and are secretly hoping to get thrown into the water, the drivers are happy to floor it! The Banana Boat ride is defiantly worth doing, it’s a blast!
Scuba Diving
If exploring the waters is more appealing to you, the Sea of Cortez is perfect for it! You can bring your own diving equipment if you are certified and you can fill your tank at the local scuba shop, or you can rent diving or snorkel equipment. Most days the water is calm and clear making for perfect viewing of marine life and an exciting experience.
ATV Rentala
If you want to keep things on land, try renting a Polaris, Rhino or Quad. ATV rentals can be found on the roads near Sandy Beach and most reach speeds between 40-50 mph. You can rent by the hour and can take your ATV right in the sand dunes. Riding around on an ATV can be a great time as long you are watchful of cars and other riders.
So weather you are seeking the rush of the water or the thrill of the land for your next adrenaline boost, Rocky Point is a great place to find some excitement!]]>

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A Taste of Paradise

Centro Intercultural de Estudios de Desiertos y Océanos [Intercultural Center of Desert and Ocean Studies (CEDO)], a non-lucrative organization which favors the ecological education and protection of land and sea environments of the region. Its facilities (located at 9 km from the beach Las Conchas) house an interesting museum, an extensive bookstore and some exhibits. But, what a better way to get sensitive before the urgency to preserve the natural environments than living them on the flesh? That’s why; CEDO offers the visitors guided tours to the Sonora natural destinations.
These visits allow knowing the vast dunes, volcanoes, and sarahuales of the Reserve of the Biosphere of El Pinacate, lodged in the core of the Great Desert of Altar. They also get close to the “tide pools” in the costs of the Sea of Cortes, zones where the tide goes up and down several meters, twice a day. On going down a wide coastal line is discovered and ot can be seen among the holes of rocks hundreds of marine animals such as snails, sea cucumbers, pistol shrimps –which produce strong sounds similar to gunshots–, anemone, sea stars and even octopus.
Another travel goes deeper in the estuaries of the desert coast, such as the estuary Morúa, home of countless species of resident and migratory birds. At San Jorge, a rocky island located at some 40 kilometers to the southeast from Puerto Peñasco, reside pelicans, bobo birds, seagulls and bats. However, the main inhabitants of this reserve are seals; CEDO vessels get close to certain areas of the coast where tourists can swim, snorkel or sail in kayak surrounded by the friendly mammals that get close to play with them.]]>

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Welcome Winter Visitors!

By Azucena Mazón

In search of warmer destinations while dodging winter weather in the north, the affectionately called “snowbirds” tend to flock south each year and Puerto Peñasco has become one of their preferred destinations. As the temperatures drop, our sunshine, sand and beaches eagerly welcome these Winter visitors!

Hailing from numerous spots across the U.S., as well as Canada, the “snowbirds” are mostly made up of retired adults with the opportunity and ability to travel. Many drive over thousands of miles in RVs, or towing trailers, looking to leave cold nights behind in search of warmer days for the winter months.

Starting in November, hundreds of folk begin preparations to head to their winter spots. Puerto Peñasco has become one of these popular destinations as, in addition to its desert climate offering warm sunny days, everyone can enjoy our beaches and fantastic landscapes.

Though housing preferences have changed over the years, given there are fewer RV parks in town than in the past and more visiting seniors are opting to rent condos or homes, Puerto Peñasco anxiously anticipates the arrival of her winter visitors who can be seen in the mornings, gripping cups of coffee and donning comfortable clothing for strolls on the beach, walking dogs, and enjoying the sunrise.

In the afternoons, individuals of this migratory flock can be spotted shopping at local businesses while in the evening they are often found gathering in large groups at one of the many local restaurants or bars.

As these “snowbirds” know that adventure and fun is for all ages, the streets and dunes of Puerto Peñasco readily become part of their tour through the desert in off-road or all-terrain vehicles. Plus, there’s golf, hiking at the Pinacate, recreational fishing, day long or sunset boat cruises, and banana boats or jetskis for the most adventuresome.

The beaches and sun of Puerto Peñasco, as well as her residents, anxiously welcome the arrival of these annual winter visitors in order to continue to share the natural wealth of our sea and desert!



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Craters and sand dunes at the Pinacate! Perfect for all seasons!

By Azucena Mazón

reserva el pinacate - crater el elegante
Crater el Elegante

The winter season and its lower temperatures are no impediment for visitors to take in the magic and wonder at the Pinacate Reserve. The Reserve, which encompasses craters dotted across the desert landscape, offers one of the most biodiverse spots in the world and is located just about 30 miles north of Puerto Peñasco.

This mystical spot, which in 2013 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers visitors an immense gamut of landscapes, from the largest crater, the “Elegante” which is the most visited along the Reserve route given its proximity to the entrance, as well as dunes, water tanks, rocky lava terrain, and infinite flora and fauna. All these wonders can be enjoyed even more fully during the cooler season.

Although temperatures in this area can reach down below zero °C, particularly in the higher parts of the Pinacate mountain range, days are generally sunny and perfect for hiking and enjoying the varied landscapes at a time when the heat is not as extreme as in other parts of the year.

During this time one can see winter foliage across the desert, and there’s the possibility to catch glimpse of white tailed deer “venado bura”, as well as birds that migrate to the region during colder months, including eagles. Reptile species take advantage of this time to hibernate and therefore do not represent risks for visitors.

reserva el pinacate - crater el colorado

According to statistics at the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, the number of international visitors from the U.S. and Canada tends to increase considerably in the winter given the temperate climate.

Staff from the National Commission on Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) at the Pinacate Reserve recommend visitors first stop by the Schuk Toak Visitors Center and Museum where one view the modern, interactive museum exhibit complete with videos and images about the Sonoran Desert. The museum specifically houses information about the volcanic shield of the Pinacate and Grand Desert of Altar, as well as cultural information in furthering the goal of nature conservation.

Winter Visitor Recommendations

CONANP provides the following recommendations for those interested in visiting the Pinacate during the winter season:

  • Winter visiting hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • General admission $56 pesos or $28 pesos for local residents (from Puerto Peñasco, Sonoyta, and San Luis Río Colorado). Admission fee is similar to that in all protected natural areas in Mexico and is put toward conservation efforts.
  • Dress appropriately and be prepared for drops in temperature due to cold fronts.
  • If camping, don’t sleep outdoors but rather use a tent and warm sleeping bag. Take your own wood for campfires and only use designated camping areas.
  • It is strictly prohibited to collect or extract plants, animals, organic remains, wood, sand, rocks, minerals, archaeological remains, or any other natural or cultural element from the area
  • If planning to prepare food, bring in own wood or charcoal.
  • Use of portable stoves that use gas, alcohol, or other fuel is permitted.
  • Do not destroy any forestry resource.
  • We recommend you leave pets at home. Pets allowed only when they remain in the car or are kept on a leash.
  • Large or heavy vehicles are not allowed entry, these include RVs and buses, as well as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs, etc.).
  • The camping area is located between the Elegante crater and Cerro Colorado, maximum capacity 40 people. This is a fascinating spot and while visitors may not plan on camping, this area may be used for picnics and hiking along the interpretive trail up to the top of Cono Mayo. From there, visitors can view a large part of the lava flows and fields covered by volcanic ash.

Camping guidelines

  • Bring your own tent, sleeping bag, and wood for campfires. It is important to keep in mind night temperatures can dip below 0°C.
  • Be sure to have sufficient water and sunscreen as well as comfortable, warm clothing. During the winter use heavier clothing to cover the whole body, as well as a cap or hat. Be sure vehicles have a full tank of gas and that tires are in good condition.
  • Do not use rocks as stakes for tents or coverings.
  • Sliding on slopes of volcanic ash is strictly prohibited.

Dune Access

Entry to the sand dunes is through the Schuk Toak Visitors Center uhder the following guidelines:

  • It is recommended not to visit the dunes during periods of higher temperatures.
  • Sign-in before visiting the dunes. This must be done both upon entry and departure.
  • Be aware of your physical condition as the trek is through the heavy sand.
  • The dune walk to and from is approximately 2 hours of walking. During the first 10 minute stretch, cars are allowed in up to a parking area. There, the walk continues for 40 minutes to the first dunes, and then 40 minutes back.

Contact information:

Biological Station (along Sonoyta – Puerto Peñasco highway): 638 383 1433

Schuk Toak Visitors Center: 638 108 0011


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Piñatas – A Holiday Tradition!

Pinata-By Azucena Mazón

Piñatas are an essential element to December fiestas across Mexico. The piñata, traditionally made with a clay center though now commonly made out of paper maché, is put together with wire and paper cones often meant to symbolize the seven mortal sins. At the same time, the points on the piñata also reflect the star that guided the Holy Family to Bethlehem.

Piñatas can be filled with candies, as well as seasonal fruit and treats. Both young and old participate in the breaking of the piñata, with a blindfold placed over whomever is taking a turn at striking the moving object, while others sing traditional verses of encouragement.

In Puerto Peñasco, piñatas are made by local artisans and can be found along Calle 32 “Rodeo Drive”, as well as in the curios market in the malecón, at numerous candy shops, and spots along Blvd. Benito Juárez.


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October’s cool mornings and fresh evenings

By Azucena Mazón

October has arrived, showcasing spectacular moonscapes along with the cool mornings and lovely sunsets that only Puerto Peñasco can offer.

The hottest months of the year are nearly a thing of the past, giving way to Fall and the rich coolness that beckons calm afternoon coffee breaks and strolls through town.

The arrival of Fall and its mild temperatures opens up opportunities to enjoy Puerto Peñasco on evening walks, riding over the dunes, visits to the beach to watch the sun set from open air viewpoints, or a simple stroll along the malecón in the Old Port.

Fall’s onset doesn’t slow down beach activities in town! During the day, Puerto Peñasco’s sun offers sufficient warmth, inviting all to sink into the sand while enjoying the coast hugging the Sea of Cortéz, or to take in a boat cruise, or go out and explore the dunes.

This season, our destination – being the most visited tourism spot in northwestern Mexico – offers a slew of activities! From music performances, including a concert with El Mastuerzo at the city’s very first Chevefest (Craft Beer Fest), to trop-rock Parrot Fest, rock ‘n roll with Roger Clyne, banda, and of course November’s popular Rocky Point Rally™, which all make this the perfect time of year to combine nights of fun with friends and a great climate!

This is also the time of the year when thousands of tourists from the U.S. and Canada roll into town with their RVs, some for weeks at a time and many who come to enjoy Puerto Peñasco’s beaches for the whole season, searching out warmer destinations for the winter months.

Yet another interesting option during this period of fantastic weather is to visit the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO World Heritage Site), located just 50 kilometers north of Puerto Peñasco. There, you can take in one of the most impressive desert landscapes in the region, or pay a visit to the “Schuk Toak” Visitors Center of the Pinacate, located just 30 kilometers north of town, in learning more about our area at the interactive museum that highlights all the beauty the desert has to offer.

Go on, come enjoy Fall in Puerto Peñasco, along with our lovely moon-filled nights and pleasant sunsets!


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Los Curios offers art treasures

By Azucena Mazón

Pieces of shells transformed by local artisans, distinctive regional souvenirs, flowers made from aluminum sheet, ironwork, clay figures, paintings, sarapes, and traditional dresses are just some of the products one may come across in the area known as “Los Curios” along Calle Revolución on the old road to “La Cholla.”

There are nearly fifty shops lining the street, showcasing thousands of products made across Mexico and by local artists. Among the many items created by the artisans, figures made with shells from Puerto Peñasco’s beaches stand out. Acquiring one of these pieces is like taking a small part of the Sea of Cortez home.

100_7892The figures themselves are made with shells local fishermen pull up in their nets. The shells are then washed and disinfected before being transformed into necklaces, picture frames, or small ornaments.

Hundreds of tourists from Mexico, the U.S., and abroad visit the “Los Curios” (often affectionately called “Rodeo Drive”) particularly on weekends, searching for souvenirs to take back to families and friends.

Among the most sought after items are the flowers made from aluminum sheets, colorfully painted saguaros, necklaces made from shells, as well as shell sculptures, sombreros, and key chains with histories of Puerto Peñasco.

One can observe the white facades on various shops on the once well-traveled road to La Choya, which create a community feel to Los Curios. Ample sidewalks permit one to browse from shop to shop while looking for items made by the hands of artisans, whether they be local or from other parts of the country.

Los Curios is located along Calle Revolución (Calle 32), which connects with Blvd. Benito Juarez and leads toward the new Convention Center.



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Puerto Peñasco's Fishing Roots

Peñasco’s origins stem from fishing, positioning it as one of the most important spots in northwestern Mexico. Today, the port’s fishing industry remains parallel in importance to tourism.

Shrimp fishing continues to be one of the main economic activities in the city and a source of employment for hundreds of people who each year launch their adventure in search of “pink gold.”

The fishing industry drew the first settlers to Puerto Peñasco in 1926. At that time dozens of people fished for the much sought after totoaba, whose capture is now prohibited. In the early twenties there was not a high demand for shrimp until the Japanese recognized its nutritional and commercial value.

Presently, approximately 100 boats in the shrimp fleet are preparing to head out to sea on September 14th at 6 a.m. once the season opens in the Upper Gulf of California. The season for coastal boats and smaller vessels opens on September 20th. Each season brings in nearly 1500 tons of shrimp, which are then exported principally to the U.S., as well as for national distribution.

Blue shrimp can be found in the region of Puerto Peñasco and the Upper Gulf, which given its size is highly desired for the preparation of shrimp based dishes. Medium-sized brown shrimp are also predominant in the area.

This is why shrimp, and the image of shrimp fishermen, are iconic symbols in Puerto Peñasco. These icons can be seen displayed both in the Plaza del Camarón as well as in the Malecón.


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Independence Day festivities, sun, sand, and sea!

th, festivities extend throughout the month, enjoying time with friends and family, and reaffirming Mexican identity.
In Puerto Peñasco, preparations begin in August with decorations going up in some parts of the city along with traditional banners hung along main streets, and colors of the flag adorning City Hall and a number of parks. Of course there’s also vendors of flags and colorful pinwheels roaming throughout the city with their carts.
As part of the festivities surrounding Mexican Independence Day, and to welcome visitors who choose to celebrate the patriotic holiday here in Puerto Peñasco, a number of area hotels are offering special packages and fiestas.
On the evening of September 15th, the traditional celebration will take place outside City Hall. There, one can stroll through dozens of food stands offering Mexican delights and drinks and then enjoy a reenacted “torch” march along Blvd. Juárez, and recreation of the Insurgents Movement of 1810. The insurgents’ trail winds its way to the balcony of City Hall, where below scores of people gather to hear the traditional “Grito de Dolores”, and the night culminates with fireworks and “Castle Burning.” ¡VIVA!
Puerto Peñasco is an ideal spot to celebrate Mexican Independence Day given the variety of activities it offers. Take advantage of the warmth of the city’s beaches, area attractions, and traditional fiestas!

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Adventure in Bird Island

One of the most interesting and fun things to do while in Rocky Point!

By Plinio Rivero.

One of the main natural attractions awaiting discovery when in search of adventure upon visiting Puerto Peñasco is a trip to Isla San Jorge, also known as “Bird Island”. Be sure to spend an incredible day getting to know this beautiful corner in the Sea of Cortez! Decreed a federal reserve in 1978, this small group of rock formations is home to birds characteristic to the Upper Gulf of California, as well as migratory species, and also exhibits one of the most important populations of seals and sea lions in the country!

The trip begins early in the morning by boarding a boat at the marina in Puerto Peñasco for the approximate 1½ hour trip to the island. This time allows you to take in the beautiful early morning and enjoy the coast extending southeast of town. If you’re lucky, along the way you may come across groups of dolphins accompanying the boat, entertaining everyone with their acrobatic maneuvers. If your trip is in the winter, we recommend you bring along binoculars and stay alert for possible whale sightings.

 In nearing the island, you can readily appreciate various birds that fly alongside the boat on its journey. You’ll also be sure to note the characteristic smell given that the island is inhabited by thousands of birds, evidence of which is plain to see.

 After arriving at the island generally from the North, which is protected from currents and winds from the south, the most exciting part of the trip begins. Take in this paradise in the company of hundreds of seals and sea lions who, curious to your presence, jump into the water to investigate and play around visitors. This is also when you can enjoy a variety of activities from merely observing and photographing the area to hopping aboard a paddleboard or kayak, or swimming in the sea.  Though landing on the island is not allowed, kayaks can get pretty close for observing the majestic sea lions. Or you may choose to swim, surrounded by curious and playful seals. In normal conditions, water visibility also makes this an ideal spot for snorkeling or diving.

After enjoying the Sea of Cortez, Bird Island, and its hosts, take pleasure in the return to Puerto Peñasco, resting and refreshing in the sea breeze while preparing to relish in a beautiful sunset as you top off a grand day of adventure!

adventure in bird island Kayak - SUP at Bird Island stand up paddle board @ bird island-small foca en Isla San Jorge -smalldiversidad isla sn jorge- PRL-small



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A dozen curious facts about the Pinacate

1. During his expeditions through the Pinacate in the early 1700s, from atop the Santa Clara peak Jesuit Priest Francisco Eusebio Kino (“Padre Kino”) determined that Baja California was a peninsula rather than an island, as was believed at that time.

2. Given the similarity between the Pinacate and the moon’s surface, in 1969 NASA astronauts carried out tests in this area prior to the first trip to the moon.

3. Although the area surrounding the Pinacate and the Desert of Altar seems inhospitable, there are more than 500 plant species, 40 mammal species, 200 bird species and 40 reptile species to be found here.

4. For the Tohono O’odham culture, the Pinacate is sacred ground. According to their beliefs, this is where the universe was created as well as the roots of the four elements: water, land, air, and fire.

5. The largest sand dunes in North America can be found in the Pinacate. The dunes are in the form of a star and the “Queen Dune” reaches up to nearly 985 feet.

6. The bio-diverse area of the Pinacate is home to animals at risk of extinction including the Sonoran pronghorn, Gila monster, bighorn sheep, the desert tortoise, and chameleons.

7. For cyclists, there is a 15 kilometer bike route through the Pinacate. This begins at the biology station and winds along the “Batamote” range, offering a ride through diverse landscapes while being in contact with nature.

8. Given its natural beauty and tremendous biodiversity, on June 21, 2013 the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and Grand Desert of Altar was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) during its gathering in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

9. The “Schuk Toak” Visitors Center contains an interactive museography about the Sonoran desert and the Pinacate. To date it is the largest self-sustaining public building in Latin America that runs on solar power. The Visitors Center is located at kilometer 72 along the Puerto Peñasco – Sonoyta highway.

10. The sight is known as the Pinacate based on the brilliant black color that distinguishes beetles of the same name, as well as the manner in which these insects raise their hindquarters thereby lending the name to the tallest volcano in the region (Volcán Pinacate), with an altitude of 3937 feet.

11. The Grand Desert of Altar is the most biologically diverse desert in the world.

12. The volcanic zone and dark lava flows found in the Pinacate are the result of volcanic eruptions dating back 4 million years!

Por Azucena Mazón



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Area beaches!

public beaches-widePuerto Peñasco’s main attraction is undoubtedly its beaches, the horizontal strip where the sea merges with the rocky and sandy shores.

In addition to the coastline for those staying at beachfront hotels and condo complexes along Sandy Beach, there are various spots in Puerto Peñasco where one can enjoy a warm corner of the Sea of Cortez.

Playa Hermosa

One of the most popular beaches is “Playa Hermosa,” which extends from in front of area hotels and toward the condo complexes of Sandy Beach. This stretch of beach traditionally receives the greatest number of tourists, given there are no marked drop-offs or pronounced rocks.

To facilitate access to Playa Hermosa, steps have been built at the spot known as “Los Palacio” next to the first condominium complex of the hotel zone, as well as at the area referred to as “Los Guardados,” the two principal access points. Another entry is along a walkway located between Hotel Peñasco del Sol and Gamma seafood restaurant. Sun shade rental is available along Playa Hermosa.

El Mirador

The area of the Mirador is another coastline offering various access points to the beach. The Mirador also offers a number of hotels and smaller condo complexes, along with RV parks, for visitors. Dozens of families make their way to this rockier shore to enjoy the sea. Here the drop-offs can be more pronounced during low tides and swimming is recommended only when the water is calm. Beach access spots are located along the Mirador and primarily toward the end of the Mirador intersecting with Ave. Sinaloa.

La Cholla

The area known as La Cholla, primarily consisting of U.S. residents, offers a coast frequented by both Mexicans and people from the U.S. given its much calmer waters. Although Cholla Bay is about 6 miles from the urban spread of Puerto Peñasco, a visit to the warm beach stretching from Pelican Point to the boat launch is well worth it. Hidden between the beach homes on the west side of Cholla Bay, one can also make their way down to the rocky landscape of Tucson Beach where families of sea lions often make their ways onto the rocks to relax.

Mi Playa

Dirt roads from off one of the city’s main boulevard lead directly to Mi Playa. This area offers parking and a number of palapas for a fun family afternoon. However, it is recommended children not swim in this spot given stronger currents that can occur in this area. To get to Mi Playa, take the dirt road off Blvd. Fremont and follow the signs. Entrance and exit routes are separate leading in and out of Mi Playa.


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Top 10 hotels in Puerto Peñasco, as ranked by opinions on TripAdvisor

To help guide travels, TripAdvisor is a popular tool and its familiar green owl can be seen across Puerto Peñasco, providing a sense of well-being to all.

TripAdvisor gives out two types of awards that distinguish spots best evaluated through client opinion: Certificate of Excellence and Travelers’ Choice, based off millions of opinions and comments from travelers around the globe.

The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is a way of recognizing certain establishments, attractions, and restaurants that demonstrate a constant commitment to excellence in hospitality and services.

To be eligible, a business must have a certain number of remarks from travelers that provide reviews on the TripAdvisor site and maintain a general rank of four (with a maximum of five).

In Puerto Peñasco, there are a number of hotels that have been given Certificates of Excellence, and others that are ranking well though possible have not yet received the required amount of client remarks for the year. Nevertheless, in planning one’s travel, every opinion counts.

Hotels in Puerto Peñasco that received Certificate of Excellence for 2014 include: Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort and Sonoran Sky Resort.

Here are the top 10 hotels in Puerto Peñasco, as ranked by opinions on TripAdvisor:
1. Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort
2. Sonoran Sky Resort
3. Mayan Palace Puerto Peñasco
4.Sonoran Sun Resort
5. Peñasco del Sol Hotel
6. El Mirador Village Hotel
7. Casa Blanca Golf Villas
8. Las Palmas
9. Playa Bonita Hotel
10. Hotel Paraíso del Desierto
Have you stayed at a local hotel that you’d like to recommend? Vote! Your opinion always counts!]]>

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Pinacate Reserve offers unique vacation stop

By Azucena Mazón

SubiendoJust a few miles outside of Puerto Peñasco, the Pinacate and Grand Desert of Altar Biosphere Reserve is a special space and one of a kind in the world given the richness of its landscape, history, geology, as well as its flora and fauna.

The Pinacate Reserve, recognized in 2013 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, offers visitors the opportunity to visually attest to its majestic natural beauty, diverse geology, lava
fields, maar craters, moving dunes, and granite mountains. These elements have attracted researchers from across the globe to the area, including even NASA at one time prior to the
first trip to the moon.

The biology station at the Pinacate Reserve, located about 50 kilometers from Puerto Peñasco, is open to visitors 365 days a year from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Staff from the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (CONANP) are there to register guests and suggest routes.dunarosario

During the summer,
meteorological stations within the Pinacate register extremely high temperatures, therefore visitors are recommended to wear comfortable clothing covering all skin surfaces, walking shoes for all types of
terrain, as well as a cap or hat to help protect against the sun’s rays.

Héctor Munro Colosio, CONANP Director of Communications, Image, and International Relations at the Pinacate Reserve, explains during the summer one can enjoy the flowers and fruits of cactus from saguaro, pitahaya, nopales, and la biznaga. These are pollinated principally by bats and flower generally at night.

McDougalIn addition to thousands of bats, Munro indicates, fauna during this season include guanas, wild hares, quail, prairie dogs, and roadrunners among other species that transit the area due to the few predators. In the afternoons or very early in the morning there are also coyote, fox, deer, mountain goats, wild boars, kangaroo rats, and rattlesnakes, among other species.

The Communications Director explains the Pinacate Reserve receives up to 17,000 visitors yearly, a number which has increased significantly after the area was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Even so, he adds, it continues to be one of the cleanest natural protected areas in Mexico, and they are confident that visitors possess this awareness.

“Schuk Toak” Visitors Center

schuk toak 003The “Schuck Toak” Visitors Center located about 30 kilometers from Puerto Peñasco is another option for those who wish to learn more about the Pinacate
Biosphere Reserve without necessarily journeying out on routes through the Sonoran deserschuk toak 001t.

The self-sustaining ecological building, which operates off more than 200 solar panels, houses an interactive museum covering top pics of geology, biology, culture, and history. It also provides informational stations along walking paths in the area, a well-equipped audiovisual hall with videos about the Pinacate, and a spacious terrace from where visitors can take in the natural landscapes and, on special occasions, spectacular views of night skies and meteor showers.


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