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Camping at El Pinacate

El Tecolote y el Cono Rojo are the two camping areas inside the biosphere reserve where you can stay overnight.  El Tecolote is located between El Elegante and El Colorado craters and has informational trails that take you to the Cono and Mayo Craters . El Cono Rojo is the starting point of the trail that can take you to the peak of El Pinacate or Santa Clara Volcano, which has a special regulation because it is considered a high grade difficulty trek.  For those who enjoy camping, this can be the perfect opportunity for quality family time as you build a campfire together and appreciate nature.  If you are visiting with a loved one, what could be more romantic than watching the sunset paint the sky over the desert, cozying up by an evening campfire and gazing up at a luminescent star filled sky?

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