Come to Rocky Point

Border Reopening expected to entice Snow Birds

With reopening of the United States’ border for Mexico and Canada, an increase in the influx of winter tourists traveling to warm beaches such as Puerto Peñasco is expected.

This provision, which goes into effect on Monday, November 8th, goes hand in hand with winter tourism and “Snow Birds”, known for fleeing lower temperatures up north and traveling thousands of miles to warmer beaches. Puerto Peñasco welcomes them with open doors!

Regarding entry of U.S. and Canadian tourists into Mexico, the Mexican government has not imposed any new requirements or restrictions other than those determined by Immigration Law and its regulations.

With this in mind, hundreds of “snowbirds” are expected to flock here over the winter months to spend extended periods in their mobile homes, condominiums or in rental houses while enjoying the warmer climate, the beaches, the sunsets, and the bright sun. 

Canadians, who have been a significant winter tourism market for places like Puerto Peñasco, will now be able to more easily cross south through the United States. Crossing into the U.S. for non-US citizens does require proof of full vaccination, among other requirements. This means that every Canadian traveler who arrives in Mexico by land has already undergone the vaccination process.

In Puerto Peñasco, basic health protocols are still in effect at lodging centers, restaurants, and other businesses, to preserve the well-being of both residents and visitors.

In addition to the natural beauty of the beaches, the warmth of the people, and the rich climate of Puerto Peñasco, there are several activities and events particularly designed for Winter tourism, geared for entire families and, of course, “snow birds”