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Blue Flag now flies over Esmeralda Beach Resort! Puerto Peñasco shines with 6 certified clean beaches

The beach in front of Esmeralda Beach Resort on Sandy Beach recently received international Blue Flag recognition. Puerto Peñasco now has 6 different certified clean beaches, which are the only ones with such distinction currently in Sonora.

The award, presented by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to Puerto Peñasco mayor Jorge Pivac and Nick Nájera Antunes on behalf of Esmeralda Resort, corresponds to 93 lineal meters of clean beach that meets strict international cleanliness and safety standards.  The new Blue Flag certified stretch has now been put on the worldwide featuring clean beaches across 93 countries.

With the Blue Flag flying over Esmeralda Beach Resort, there are now two internationally recognized Blue Flag beaches in Puerto Peñasco. This is in addition to two stretches certified by the Mexican Institute of Standards and Certification as Level II Certified Clean Beaches, and an additional two Platinum Beach recognitions for Sandy Beach and Islas del Mar.  These are currently the longest stretches of certified clean beach in the country at more than 4,000 lineal meters.

Puerto Peñasco is further characterized as an inclusive beach destination with special infrastructure as it possesses water wheelchairs to provide access to the beach and water for persons with disabilities.