Come to Rocky Point

Anniversary of the economic reactivation!

A little over a year ago, the doors to this corner of the Sea of Cortez were reopened to visitors. This came three months after the city had shut down in an effort to limit and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The reopening was a breath of fresh air for Puerto Peñasco, as along with it came economic revival for tourism, shops, hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Still, this measure implied yet another challenge for the entire city.

Streets remained deserted, beaches were closed, hotels without guests, and businesses barely staying open. All of this hardship was resolved by putting maximum efforts into the city’s reactivation.

Following months in lockdown, the reopening of Puerto Peñasco wasn’t just improvised or abrupt. For this to successfully happen, discussion panels met to first ensure mechanics were in place. These discussions weighed different options and initiatives while trying to minimize health risks to the community. This was truly an effort in which all city sectors came together to make the reopening as effective as possible.

Puerto Peñasco was the first site in Sonora to obtain Safe Point ranking.  Under Safe Point, area hotels, resorts, and restaurants received certification as safe spots to visit in being in compliance with strict international health, hygiene, and safety protocols.

Puerto Peñasco was also the only spot to install filters at city entry points, so that once tourism starting coming back, reservations could be checked and compared. These filters even carried out Covid tests to prevent possible spread.

All the measures taken to revive tourism and economic activity were drastic, yet necessary. Monitoring efforts were doubled on area beaches, and sanitary tunnels installed at resorts.

Health protocols were fully enforced at hotels, motels, restaurants, and shops, becoming normal daily habits for both residents and tourists in this new reality all were experiencing.

While the pandemic hasn’t fully disappeared, Puerto Peñasco has made progress in recovering its rhythm through promotion as a safe place to visit. The gradual response has been impactful as more and more families choose to visit our corner of the Sea of Cortez as they break out of their lockdown routines.

One year after its reopening, Puerto Peñasco is on the right track.  In addition to welcoming thousands of North American and national tourists every weekend, the city has maintained health and safety measures. Data on registered Covid cases in Puerto Peñasco don’t even represent 1% of those statewide.

This doesn’t mean our guard will be lowered. Rather, the tourism sector and establishments in general must continue to function in compliance with basic health and safety measures to offer greater confidence to visitors.

Puerto Peñasco is more ready than ever to welcome you with open doors, with endless places and activities to explore and discover. 

Take a break and visit the beach this summer!