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Agua de Coco. A decade of making people dance

If we’re going to talk about a representative band from Puerto Peñasco that plays good Son Cubano, we have to talk about Agua de Coco. This October, the group marks its 10-year anniversary of making people dance to the Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms they turn into their own style.

The seven-member band has revolutionized their presentations, going from a group gracing various party and bar stages for foreign, national and local clients alike, to moving into markets in other cities, regions, and even international festivals. They have also begun producing their own original music, while always representing Puerto Peñasco in all they do.

The group’s first decade has been one of constant progress and strengthening its line-up. This has led them to forums such as the Alfonso Ortiz Tirado International Festival in Alamos, Sonora, stages in Arizona, and they are now looking at a short tour through Europe in the “not too distant” future, bringing Latin rhythms across that region.

Oscar Acosta, leader and principal singer of Agua de Coco, shares the group’s strength is enjoying what they do and watching others dance to the music they love. Above all, the group enjoys continual preparation through rehearsals, while learning about new musical exponents and all the rhythms that can be fused with the musical proposal they offer.

Though Agua de Coco doesn’t exclusively play salsa, they recognize this genre is what has opened doors for them in many places. This is particularly true now that Latin rhythms have recovered their boom in Mexico, and in other countries, like never before.

“There is a symbiosis between the dancer and the musician, there are academy dancers who conquer the popular “casino wheel” salsa, to spontaneous tourists who sometimes dance country to our music, but we like to see them dance any way their body wants to express. We tell them, “have them take you out to dance, babe – don’t stay seated – dance however you like.”

The musicians of Agua de Coco aren’t simply improvised, they strive to play well and sound good, making their own arrangements to what they play. For example, some members are graduates with music degrees from Sonora, Baja California, and Veracruz, as well as “Pino” (Rafael Noriega) who had the opportunity to study at the National School of Music.

Currently, the band’s original music includes singles such as: “Bailalo” and “Que buena estas”, which you can find on streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes Music.

Acosta points out the group’s plans are to continue improving as musicians and to open up more spaces where they can take their music, noting the continual support of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau as worthy representatives of Puerto Peñasco.

Agua de Coco’s lineup consists of: Oscar Acosta, main vocals and percussion; Leon Lugo, tres cubano and musical direction; Pino Noriega, piano; Victor Villegas, drums and timbales; Marco Lopez, bass; Juan Flores, trombone; and Jose Nuñez, saxophone.

Agua de Coco is a solid band that will make you dance no matter where they play. If you are planning on visiting Puerto Peñasco, don’t forget to look up where these guys are playing so you can dance to their hot salsa rhythms.