Come to Rocky Point

Adventure to the Dunes

Majestic dunes encircling parts of Puerto Peñasco offer a desert landscape worth admiring. Given nature’s wonder where the desert meets the sea, we are surrounded by incredibly immense sand dunes that can reach heights of 200 meters. Some of these are ideal for photo sessions, while others invite ATV adventures. If you’re even more daring and come across some of the tallest dunes, try your hand at sandboarding. Near the area of Sandy Beach there is ample space to try out these actvities, and nearby is “La Loma”, otherwise known as Competition Hill. This iconic spot is where hundreds of visitors go to race ATVs and off-road vehicles up the mountain. If you’re into adrenaline on the sand, be sure to check out guides who can take you sandboarding, or rent an ATV, but always follow safety guidelines to be sure you have a good time.


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