Come to Rocky Point

20th Anniversary of Rocky Point Rally coming Nov 11th – 14th

Rocky Point’s traditional biker event, which brings together thousands of motorcyclists from across the U.S., Mexico, and beyond, is just about here! The greatest motorcycle fiesta just south of the border has positioned itself as one of the best biker destinations in northwestern Mexico.

This year, marking the 20th Anniversary of the Rocky Point Rally, promises to be a grand fiesta for all involved while bearing in mind certain restrictions and measures will be in place to protect the health of residents and visitors alike.

The 20th Anniversary edition of the Rocky Point Rally aims to encourage bikers to check out various parts of the city and will not be planning a mainstage on the malecón in the Old Port, but rather promoting local venues throughout town.  Sponsoring bars will feature live music, spanning rock and other music styles, in open air spaces for all to enjoy.

As in years past, bikers will be welcomed at the registration spot located at Barclin’s gas station on the Sonoyta highway (just south of the bridge). The calendar includes several smaller events spread around town, as well as the traditional Saturday Bike Parade. This year, the parade will wrap up in the Mirador – much as in the early days of the event.

Oscar Palacio Soto, head organizer of the annual bike rally, detailed 85% of rally goers are 50+ and come primarily from the southwestern part of the U.S.  While a large part of this population has already been vaccinated against Covid-19, he added, we should not our guard down. Rally goers, visitors, and residents alike should exercise caution by using masks and maintaining safe distances as much as possible.

The Rocky Point Rally motorcycle fiesta is about to roll into town. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take part in the Anniversary celebration!  Grab your helmet, hit the highway, and long live the Rocky Point Rally!