Come to Rocky Point

2021 Memorial Day Weekend in Rocky Point

As a destination that continues to be safe, Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) is ready to welcome American visitors over the upcoming Memorial Day 2021.

This important date for our neighbors to the north, commemorating those who have died during military service, falls on the final Monday each May. It also traditionally marks the beginning of the U.S. vacation season for those opting for the beaches of Rocky Point, especially tourists from Arizona, California and New Mexico.

After 2020, when everyone was tucked away in their homes, this year the beaches, hotels, resorts and tourist services are operating with hygiene and health protocols in place for the enjoyment of visitors.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, service providers and establishments including resorts, bars, and restaurants are preparing special programs, live music, as well as fireworks that can’t be missed.

The holiday break is also when entire families and groups of friends make their way to Rocky Point to take advantage of the long weekend, while enjoying the warm climate and all the fun our corner of the Sea of ​​Cortez has to offer!

This tourist destination, cataloged as a safe spot that maintains a low risk of COVID 19 spread, awaits you with open doors. We are once again betting on responsible tourism, those that know how to have fun while taking care of their health, and that of their families, to ensure a healthy and pleasant stay.

If you haven’t made a reservation yet, you’ve still got time to do so for a fun and safe vacation in Puerto Peñasco.